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Tinder’s In-App Adventure Game ‘Swipe Night’ Coming To India

Location-based dating service giant Tinder on Tuesday announced it was bringing its ‘Swipe Night’ interactive video series in India in March. It is an in-app, interactive apocalyptic adventure, according to the company. Tinder’s big experiment with interactive content – called Swipe Night – was introduced late last year in the US.

“After massive success in the US, Tinder is set to release Swipe Night in India this March. Tinder will release its in-app, interactive apocalyptic adventure, where at key turning points, members decide what happens to them next,” the company said in a statement.

According to Tinder’s parent company Match, “millions” of Tinder users tuned in to watch the show’s episodes during its run in October and it gave way to double-digit increases in both matches and messages.

“After each Swipe Night episode, your critical choices from the story will be added to your profile, showing which decisions you did or didn’t make to your potential matches. All of this new info will make for plenty of material for post-apocalyptic banter. If you prefer to keep this info private, you can do that by editing your profile,” Tinder explains in a blog post. Match had confirmed in November it would launch Tinder’s new show outside the US in early 2020.

Last month, Tinder rolled out a photo verification service on its platform. The company said it will help ensure every match is who they say they are. The feature allows members to self-authenticate through a series of real-time posed selfies, which are compared to existing profile photos using human-assisted AI technology.

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