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Tinder Growing In India Like Wildfire

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Dating is something which was not in the Indian culture for a long time. It is incorporated from western influence and there are certain reasons for it. As the world gets closer through social media and all the other influences, there is a strong reason as to how the countries are exchanging the goods from the other countries and rejecting the bad things.

Social media has also had an influence on the Indian people and dating has become a norm. The culture, however, still does not accept some things like dating and love marriages. However, it is a common thing in the urban areas and an equally uncommon thing in the rural parts of India. The subcontinent has always been a country of extremes, with the population soaring and people getting their hands on the internet, apps are getting more and more popular.

Dating apps are some of the world’s most popular applications. The use of dating apps is getting better and bigger by the minute. There are people forgetting to leave their house in search for a date, it is just about swiping right and that is it. That being said, India has become a hot topic when it comes to dating apps. The companies are flying towards India and looking at a market that is just going to explode.

More than half the population in India is under 25 and that is creating a lot of fuss amongst the dating app companies. There are around 6 major dating apps in India with Tinder being the best of them all and Tantan, the Chinese application being aggressive.

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The Indian people are accepting the dating apps and there are people looking for more and more interactions with people. Tinder is the main application in India and there are paid services which offer more options to explore. Tinder Passport is one such feature of the Tinder Plus. The Plus version of Tinder can only be unlocked by paying for it and Tinder Passport is an alibi of it.

Tinder Passport allows you to look for nationalities outside of India. That means you can see people from other countries and all over the world. The major source of Tinder Passport is Los Angeles but there are 9 more cities in which Tinder Passport is used enormously. NY City comes in second while surprisingly Mumbai and New Delhi take the third and the fourth place.

The Indian cities do not end here, Bangalore and Pune take the sixth and seventh place separated from the other two cities by London. Sao Paolo, Miami, and Paris are the other three cities in that order. The source of this information is Tinder itself. This means that there are four major Indian cities in the 10 most popular cities using Tinder Passport. It is a thing to be noted.

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