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TikTok To Show Ads On Its Platform, Decides To Monetize In India

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TikTok is one of those companies which has been through a lot. There are a lot of things which have been said about the application. ByteDance won their argument with the Supreme Court for sure, however, that was a major warning to all the apps that are seeking more information and not taking government warnings seriously.

TikTok is immensely popular in India, there was no doubt that it was coming back, it was the question about how and when. TikTok, however, was banned only for a week and did come back within that. That being said, the Chinese app is monetizing in India now. It has been working tremendously to win the Indian market back as it has been slipping since the ban. There are not a lot of mentions after the saga as the media has not pursued the banning of TikTok much but rather the monetizing of the same.

The company has almost won the Indian market with its addictive application. Now, they are inviting advertisements. The advertising thing just blew out of proportion and there are hundreds of companies offering advertising money to the company. Given that the application has over 200 million users, there are going to companies jumping around to advertise.

Point being, TikTok has a reach to the remotest places in India and this kind of reach is not common. There are very few companies that reach the inner parts of India, not even Facebook reaches such an audience. This is where the company wins and it will only be a matter of time where they will win and win big.

Sachin Sharma, head of Ad sales at ByteDance also said a similar thing. “TikTok has users creating great content even from the most remote towns in the country. For marketers, this translates into easily reaching an audience that was harder to tap otherwise,” Sharma told ET. ByteDance is the world’s most valued startup with $75 billion in valuation.

Also, talking about the controversies TikTok has gone through, the major thing Harish Bijoor who is a brand consultant said that the brands don’t care about controversies. The only thing a brand looking for advertising itself cares about is eyeballs and TikTok promises more eyeballs than anyone in this country. This is where it will earn a lot of money which is outstanding.

He said, “The application is a potent combination of audio, video, music and irreverence. Brands don’t care about controversies, they only care about eyeballs. Engagement on TikTok is higher than Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.”


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