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TikTok opens Safety Center in India in order to reform its stance

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TikTok is one of the most exploited applications in India. It is extremely popular and people of all age groups use the application. The app has around 500 million downloads on the Google Play Store and the users are also hooked to it. The video-sharing feature is so addictive that these videos go viral within hours. The 10-second video platform gives many people an opportunity to share their other side and sometimes the content is extremely funny and the other times is extremely vulgar.

TikTok has not been short of controversies at all. It has recently paid a hefty fine in millions in the United States of America for violating children’s safety rights. Not only that, India, a major source of users for the Chinese company, has states which are reviewing the app and thinking about banning it. The fact that this platform can be used to spread religious hatred and also child abusive content is making the case of the state stronger.

In India, the application has been under fire for a long time and it has been trying to get out of the shadow. The reasons for the same are very strong and the app needs to find out ways to curb the content that is unwatchable for a certain amount of age groups.

There are various videos where people are showing content which is very graphic and children using the app might not want to see the same. It is very hard to comprehend that this kind of videos can be on a social application but they are. That being said, TikTok has been fighting to reduce the amount of vulgarity on the application and this has brought them to Safety Center. Safety Center is nothing but a website which enables users to understand the product and the use of it.

The Safety Center is available in ten languages. These languages are mostly local and are aimed at the rural audience which has a hard time understanding the use of the apps. The center is available in the following languages – Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali, Punjabi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam and Oriya.

The director of Global Public Policy of TikTok, Helena Lersch was of the opinion that with this Safety Center in place, the Chinese company looks to reform its stance in India. “With the launch of our localized Safety Centre along with our resource pages for Anti-Bullying and the General Elections, we aim to reaffirm our commitment to India and ensure a safe and positive online environment,” she said in a statement.

Apart from this, the general elections are only 20 odd days away and the government authorities have tightened the security around the social media apps. This is also one of the reasons why TikTok might be having a hard time in India.

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