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TikTok ban lifted as Madras High Court fails to reason the same

TikTok app in appstore

TikTok has been a hot topic for all the new outlets in India. It has been a roller-coaster ride for the app in India. It still remains to be one of the most downloaded apps and is still missing from the app store. The application has had to go through a lot of problems because of the content on the app. At this moment, the application is working hard towards clearing all the vulgar content from its application. It has been advised to do so and it has been doing it since it came under the scanner.

There was a major U-turn in the case of TikTok yesterday. Supreme Court ruled in the favor of TikTok when a PIL was filed. The ruling said that if the Madras High Court does not give a proper listing of reasons the app should be banned, then the ban should be lifted immediately. That being said, the timeline given for the Madras High Court was of three days and it has passed. The ban on the application has been lifted.

This is where the app wins and the Madras High Court lost its battle. The application was looking to get such a decision after getting banned for obvious reasons. That being said, there were many organizations rooting for TikTok and ByteDance to win this battle because the free speech was being tampered here. The Internet Freedom Foundation even wrote a letter to MeitY talking about this ban and how it is not going along the lines of free speech.

The IFF believes that there should be some regulations based on this. It will better serve the app-makers and also the government to go through all this drama for nothing. The regulations should be tight and well drafted along with being equal for every entity. This is how the government should handle it rather than banning the entire app and then unbanning it a week later, opines Apar Gupta of executive director of Internet Freedom Foundation.

He told ET, “The submission by amicus curiae Arvind Datar that PILs and judicial orders should be within the legislative framework, in keeping with the protection (granted) to free expression and privacy, indicates there is a need for legislative action on various fronts and that it may be a better policy-oriented solution than a wholesale ban.”

Social media apps are constantly fighting in India. The reason for this is to gain the trust of the citizens of India. TikTok, despite having a billion plus downloads globally, believes that India is key to their success. The reason for this is the 300 million plus downloads in India. That is why the news was so flashy and enjoyed by the people who dislike the app. The popularity of the application has skyrocketed ever since the ban, people who did not know what TikTok was, are now aware of it.


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