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TikTok ban causing a ruckus among IT industry in India

TikTok app in appstore

TikTok was an application which was launched about two years ago. It is owned by a company named ByteDance and is renamed for the international market from Douyin. It is an application which allows users to share videos personally, to other users and also live broadcast. The app has gained a lot of attention worldwide.

It is ranked number among the free mobile apps in Thailand. It has been among the best applications on the app store. In 2017, ByteDance, the parent company of TikTok acquired for $1 billion. This opened up markets for them in the US. They entered the Indonesian market as well in September of 2017.

It was also reported as the most downloaded app in the world on Apple’s App Store. There are a total of 500 million monthly users out of which 150 million users in China are daily users. Its ‘challenge’ category is the most exploited category on the application. You have to complete a short video challenge like ‘choose your character’ where you have to mimic a video game character.

That being said, the app, even after being so popular in other parts of the world has been banned in India. It had around 225 million downloads and hundreds of millions of monthly active users. The app was one of the most popular in India and its popularity is what got it banned.

There were millions of people using the app and there was content that was misleading and not appropriate for children in many ways. That being said, the ban justifies itself as even the Supreme Court did not take part in the staying the order from the Madras High Court.

However, there is something that is not right. The tech industry finds this unnerving as it might just scare a lot of big companies coming to India. There are some techies and some big companies who are worried about India’s stand on applications after the ban of TikTok.

The Internet Freedom Foundation also wrote a letter to the Indian government agency MeitY (Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology) citing that the ban was harsh and did not tend to the free speech in the country.

There are many such things that have happened since the ban took place. The reaction to the ban is mostly positive as most of the Indian public did not approve of the application. The people who used the app were from the rural areas where using TikTok was like using any other social media for them.

The fact that some of the accounts from rural areas had millions of followers and tens of millions of views makes it vulnerable to causing trouble. “From small kids to old ladies, it is spoiling the minds of everyone. I strictly ask anyone coming to my house to not talk about TikTok, it is addictive and it is unnecessary,” said S. Nithyajothi, a homemaker from Madurai.

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