Three cards of Hisense Tv for this Year

Hisense Laser TV logo on stage

Hisense is one the Chinese technology majors. It has striven to offer global level technologies in a presentable and sturdy device since its inception. They have been pioneering TV technology for a very long time now. The TV technologies are changing across the globe with the advent of internet connectivity or IoT. Hisense could not have stayed behind and as the company’s innovative culture has proved in the past, it is repeating its history. They are working on new technologies to make the brand a global household name in 2019. They will launch many of these technologies in the 2019 CES.

Yu Zhitao, General Manager of Hisense Electric disclosed that with the new smart TV OS – VIDAA AI, by 2020, Hisense strive to exceed 65 million global internet TV users and become a display technology power.

In 2018, sales revenue increased by double digits year-on-year. Hisense has a more “bright sword” power in the globalization. According to data from Hisense Group, sales revenue reached RMB 126.635 billion in 2018, a year-on-year increase of 14.02%. Especially in the overseas market, under the background of the global boom in home appliances, Hisense Group’s overseas revenue has become a bright spot, with year-on-year growth of 29.9% and an overseas business income of 37.838 billion Yuan.

In overseas markets, North America has become a pioneer in Hisense’s globalization. In 2018, Hisense’s self-owned brand sales in the United States increased by 57.5% year-on-year and 106.1% in the Canadian market.

In the South African market, Hisense has been steady, gaining more recognition from consumers. Last year, sales of Hisense’s own brands in South Africa increased by 41.7% year-on-year and in Europe, the market grew by 14.1%.

The above-mentioned positives will play a positive role in boosting the globalization of Hisense in 2019. The first card that Hisense showed was the VIDAA system. This system is the two scenes of real-time image search and full scene voice two artificial intelligence innovation interaction design, which enables the TV to open the user life circle, solves the current bottleneck of smart TV development and brings a really useful artificial intelligence experience to users. It has a higher user activity.

Hisense plans to get 65 mn users
The second card is a global user. For home entertainment first Information access terminal, Hisense TV activation users exceeded 40.37 million, domestic users reached 32.25 million, overseas users 8.12 million.

From the daily average active users, Hisense TV daily active households exceeded 14.5 million, an increase of 31.8%; per online extended to 328 minutes, an increase of 11%.

In terms of users, nearly 70% of high-end users are more willing to pay for content, Hisense TV users accounted for 49% of the total network, and consumers with more than 65 inches of Hisense TV, 69% of people are willing to pay for video, which shows that Hisense large-size TV users are more sophisticated.

According to the report ‘Overseas Image of Chinese Enterprises’, Huawei and Hisense have become the most popular overseas companies. It is worth noting that Hisense also won first place in the “Best Overseas Image” of China’s home appliance industry.

Under the influence of the brand, Hisense’s global product sales are also encouraging. According to IHS’s statistics for the 1-3 quarter of 2018, Hisense TV’s global average shipping size reached 46.8 inches, ranking first in the world, with 4K TV shipments second only to Samsung and LG, ranking third in the world. All of these elements will be of great benefit to Hisense in attracting global incremental users. Their goal is that by 2020, the number of Hisense Internet TV users worldwide will exceed 65 million.

The third card is the display technology. As a next-generation display technology laser, Hisense has taken the lead in realizing the independent operation from R&D, design to complete machine manufacturing through continuous technological breakthroughs, and solved the light decay, colour purity, application safety and maturity of laser TV applications. In addition to technical difficulties, the company has applied for 761 domestic and foreign technical patents.

In 2019, Hisense will fully utilize the deep accumulation of display technology, redefine through the integration of ULED multi-zone dynamic backlight control technology, a new generation of independent graphics chips, Hi-view super-quality engine application, and Toshiba TVs image quality display technology. A new benchmark for TV quality.

At present, the colour TV market has changed from “incremental market” to “stock market”, and the increase and profit to the operation of smart TV will be the future direction of the TV industry. Hisense is a company with a complete industrial chain, brand power and product strength. Thus, it has obvious advantages in the field of Internet TV, which is also their trump card for a better global positioning.

-Blue Technology (Xiao Qing)

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