This new invention from MIT researchers will blow your minds

Technology nowadays can take any form of life and in any kind of way. There is no limit to this ever-growing field of geniuses. It is only a matter of some difficulties in life and we can develop a technology that will make it easier for us. Technology is there to make our lives easier, it is here to make it better and we can see the effect it has had on us and our world. It has brought the world closer than ever and is continuing to do so. There is one such technology that we will discuss today.

We all have heard about lasers. They are pretty dangerous to us and human beings as they can cause damage to our nerves if the intensity is high. Lasers are not meant to enter us and our eyes are extremely sensitive to those. That said, this laser about which we are going to talk about today is not the usual laser but is made to transmit sound. Yes, it is that kind of a laser which will carry sound and will transmit it to us.

This technology has developed the researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Lincoln Laboratory. The researchers have been able to transmit tones, music various speeches at a volume which is based on our normal conversations across the room. This is a huge breakthrough which could have a drastic effect on warfare where troops could use this for conversations. This can be done to be heard in a noisy room.

The laser will be used to beam the sound directly into the ear of the other person without disturbing others. At this moment the researchers have a commercially viable option which can transmit sound from 2.5 meters. This laser will not harm our eyes and skin as that part is thoroughly taken care of.

The sound is transmitted through the air using the water vapors present in the air. This vapors absorb light and create sound. The laser wavelength is very strongly absorbed by water. Their paper reveals that this technology could be used everywhere from houses to outdoor places. The researches change the laser sweep lengths to code different frequencies or audible pitches in the light.

However, 2.5 meters is not a lot of distance but the researchers were very confident that the system could be scaled up with ease and needs nothing extra. The next on the list of these researchers is to test the laser in outdoors and in large spaces other than rooms. This could be huge in the sound transmitting field as it could have dramatic effects on many industries which requires transmission of sound in critical conditions.

-Unmesh Phule

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