This key from Google can keep your data protected on the internet

Cyber security

Cybersecurity is currently a hot topic around the globe. Individuals, organisations and governments are all equally affected by the breached in cybersecurity as more and more activities are being interlinked through the internet. Social media is crucial for people as it allows people who are far off from each other, to be connected to each other through online resources such as text chatting and video calling. The options in the social media ecosystem are numerous and people tend to have more than one social media accounts for various purposes such as Instagram for photos, Facebook for friends and family, Twitter for work/news related issues and so on.

Considering the varied use of the internet and especially social media, the security of these platforms ate also extremely important. Cybersecurity is crucial especially for the public figures such as journalists, activists, business leaders and political campaign teams because they are at the forefront of cyber-attacks. These professional people have the power to influence the public opinion and hence the opposition wants to disrupt their influential powers by meddling with their social media accounts. We have seen the news of Russia meddling with the latest US presidential elections and a lot had to do with the social media campaigns.

Google is the world’s largest consumer internet company. Many people have suffered a lot due to the breaches in the security of their social media accounts or email accounts. To safeguard the interest of its users, Google has come up with an extremely advanced and safe key named Titan this year in July. Titan keys are the strongest 2-step authentication or 2-step verification mechanisms in the market and are based on the work of the FIDO Alliance. The keys have been designed to address the lack of strong authentication devices in the market. Titan can help a user protect their Google account, along with other compatible consumer services like Facebook, Twitter and Dropbox.

The keys are available in the US and not in India. However, since the general elections are coming up next year these keys will prove to be extremely helpful for many people in India.

-Soumya De

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