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Science-Fiction movies have shown us that humans can exist beyond their natural life as well. This generally happens through high-tech computer systems that upload the brains of the humans with their entire life and psychological elements in the digital form. This might sound too futuristic as of now but it is already happening with most of the human population every day. However absurd it might sound, it cannot be truer.

Google is the solution to the majority of life’s problems they say. For all the small and large issue that we face on a daily basis, we tend to rest to the all-knowing Google for solutions. In the past 2 decades, the company has almost taken over our digital lives. For most internet users, the internet itself means just Google. People spend most of their time on Google or related products. In the last decade, the advent of social media platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp and Instagram, has started attracting loads of consumers. People have started spending a lot of time on these platforms but still, Google tops the list of the highest visited platform with its video platform YouTube.

Information is the key asset in today’s day and age. It is the one thing that the large corporates re craving for and it is very expensive as well. The reason that every application you download try to get your permission before you could even use it is the information-acquiring motive. Every application and website that a person visits, demands a lot of information that they do not even need to perform.

Let us look at the ways Google takes our information through various sources:

Search – It keeps a track of all the things that a user searches on its platform. Google is the largest search engine that there is, most people are on the Google platform and hence the largest amount of data goes to Google. In fact, the web browser that most of the people use is Google’s own Chrome that adds to the information pool.

Smartphone data – Smartphones have taken over most of the revolutionary technology invented in the past century such as the camera, the radio, the telephone, the internet and so on. The modern smartphones run on an Operating System. Most of the smartphones around run on the Android OS, which is a product of Google. This way, your smartphone usage data goes to the company as well.

Applications – Having talked of the OS, let us now talk about applications that make the experience better. The applications that we use on the Android devices are downloaded from the Google Play Store. This way, Google has the record of all the applications we download or uninstall and also their usage.

Email – The largest and the most popular email service in the world is Gmail by Google. All your personal and professional emails that go through Gmail are under Google’s ownership.

Maps – The company has the data of all the places that we have been to as it stores that locations on the maps that we use. Google again tops the list of players that provide map services. Most of the smartphone users depend on Google Maps for their navigation purposes along with traffic and commute update.

Google Photos – Last, but not least, Google Photos are also a great source of information for the huge company. This is one service, which not as popular as the other services by the company but still, a large number of people use this. This helps the users to store their photos clicked through their smartphones on Google’s could platforms. Along with Google photos, the company also offers other cloud services such as the Google drive

Google Pay – This is the newest addition to the list. It is an online payment application, which was launched in India by the name of Tez. The app was so successful that Google changed the name to Google Pay and launched it worldwide. This helps the users easily pay at vendors through online banking or UPI. This app can track your spending patterns and send the information to Google for more information in the pool.

Considering the fact that Google is the largest internet players out there and has its tentacles in almost every field, it becomes quite impossible to dodge the company in any way. The company has such intricate details about us that neither we know or even our near and dear ones. This is the ecosystem, which has the ability to turn the science-fiction imagination into reality sooner than later. People can upload their own self in a digital format using the information but the technology to implement this idea is still in a nascent stage and quite impractical.

One needs to ponder upon the fact that Google is an internet superpower. It not only is a boon to billions but it has the ability to become a bane for many.


-Soumya De

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