This innovation to rescue Delhi people from the decreasing air quality?

Air pollution has been a growing problem for many countries in the world. It has been a leading problem that adds to global warming. India is one such country where pollution is on the highest level in some cities. There are ten cities in the world which are considered as the most polluted. Nine out of those ten cities are from India.

Delhi is one of those nine cities in India and it is on top of the list when it comes to air pollution. The Indian capital is suffering from one such crisis. The air quality there is decreasing day by day. In 2017, there were around 1 million people that died due to air pollution in India and the air quality in capital tells us why.

The Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) does a recording of the Air Quality Index. During the latest records, the overall index stands at 343 which can be termed as ‘very poor’ in Delhi. AQI between AQI from 400-500 is considered severe, 300-400 is very poor and 200-300 is taken as poor. According to this, there are four areas in Delhi which come under the ‘severe’ category.

A ventilation index of 7500 sqm/second was recorded by Tropical Meteorology on Thursday which is on the border considering that 6000 sqm/second is the bottom line below which it becomes unfavorable for dispersion of pollutants. All of this calls for some remedy which will help the citizens to breathe in clean air and keep their health in check.

Nasofilters, a startup founded by IIT Delhi alumni, has come up with a very interesting idea. They have designed a ‘Pollution Net’. This pollution net is designed in such a way that it will filter out all the pollutants in air and clear the air to make to it healthy for breathing. This net can be attached to doors, windows or any outlet a home has.

This net is made by using nanofibers. It mainly consists of three layers. One layer is for waterproofing the net, which is the first layer, the last layer is a wire mesh which is used to provide strength and between these two layers is a specially designed nanofiber mesh which will do the main part of filtering. Nasofilters is an award-winning startup. They have previously designed a nose filter which would fit over your nose and help you inhale in filtered air. This innovation won many awards as well.

This tells us that this Pollution Net of theirs might be a good idea. The nanofibers which are used are hundreds of times smaller than normal fibers. This allows more holes per unit area. This allows them to filter out the unwanted particles. This high density of pores and the small size of it won’t allow particles of less than 2.5 micrometers to pass through it.

This invention is a must for Delhi citizens and many other cities in India. Given that the population of vehicles and other means of pollution keep increasing, these are the kind of inventions that one should make to avoid further decline in health of the people and reduce the death count caused by pollution.

– Unmesh Phule

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