This Indian election is based on Data more than any other

Data localization is the key

The Indian election at this moment is a tussle between two parties. There are people struggling to form an opinion about either of them while there are people who are too right to even think about the left and there are people who care very little about any of this to understand. It is an election of all kinds of people in India. It is an election where people have strong opinions about the current government and people who are downright against the ruling party.

There are two parties who are leaps and bounds apart from each other. One party where the agenda is to make India corruption free and is using the good old divide and rule policy while there is the other party which is run by a family since its inception and cannot see beyond it. However, all of these ends which are facing in different directions are connected by one thing – data. The data collection and the understanding of that data is extremely important for both the parties.

This election is not fought with campaigns on the ground but is fought with campaigns online. It is hard to know what 10,000 people attending a speech of a party leader think about the party but it is extremely easy to know what a person thinks by how he reacts to the party’s posts online. This is how the parties are collecting data from the users.

We, the voters might not know to whom we are voting until the day we enter the election booth but the parties know. There is Artificial Intelligence involved in every step of the social media campaigns, there are thousands and thousands of people involved to gather and analyze the data. Every social media post of a political party you come across tells the party about your mentality towards them. If you stop and watch a video playing about BJP and scroll past the Congress Party’s similar-themed video, they know that you are inclined towards BJP and not Congress.

You might not know who your friend or your family is voting for but the party knows through this strategy. Neta App is one of the apps that track all these things. Pratham Mittal who is one of the employees of the app talks about the same.

“An analysis shows around 30% of the total voters can be influenced with the use of social media in these elections. Instead of pushing down a single leader’s message using technology, we empower our party workers with data and technology. These workers pass on personalized or customized messages to voters,” he said while talking to ET.

India has around 90 Cr about 900 million voters and out of those, around 54 Cr which is about 540 million voters have unique mobile phone users. Here is an opportunity to influence, understand or even know everything about 540 million voters in India. This is the opportunity none of the Indian voters

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