This company is offering cheaper 5G data packs even compared to 4G rates


The Internet has changed the way in ways that can be seen everywhere by everybody. It has sped up the rate of development so much that adults of the late 90s can barely understand what the world was like until the early 90s. Most of the global population cannot function a day without internet. Many people are so addicted to the service that they are demanding it as a basic right at par with clean air, water, food and education. Moreover, some addicted people also need to go through various rehabilitation programs to get rid of the problems attached to the misuse of the internet.

Having said that, the benefits of using the internet is much more than the problems associated with it. It has allowed real-time communications across the globe a child’s play. Along with better communication, services associated with almost all the businesses and other fields have improved. Amongst the countries with advanced internet coverage and usage, South Korea has emerged as the most developed and faster internet-providing nation of all.

They are the pioneer of the 5G technology and it is launched on the 5th of April. According to a report by BGR, Korea Telecom is offering very cheap and unlimited 5G data packs. BGR reported that the data packs’ prices are even lower than the average 4G data packs in the country by around 9000 Korean Won or around 560 Rupees. Though the company is offering extremely cheap 5G data packs, there is a catch. The data will only be limited to the smartphones and tethering will be limited. Considering the fact that most of the users are active on their smartphones, this moves is quite justified. Moreover, the data consumption on the laptop, desktop or TVs is much higher than smartphones. This way, Korean Telecom can keep its costs low as well as give the benefit of unlimited 5G services to its customers. BGR mentions as quoted by a company official that they are offering cheap rates to allow for the growth of 5G. Cheap prices will attract a lot of customers towards faster and better internet services. Korea Telecom has three 3 plans:

  1. 5G Super Plan Basic (80,000 Won) – Unlimited 5G internet + 5GB tethering
  2. 5G Super Plan Special (1,00,000 Won) – Unlimited 5G internet + 50GB tethering
  3. 5G Super Plan Premium (1,30,000 Won) – Unlimited 5G internet + 100GB tethering

The telecom service provider has started providing services in 91 South Korean cities and is expanding its service zones to more areas every day. The country is the global leader in terms of internet speeds. India is the second largest smartphone user in the world. The data consumption has skyrocketed after the advent if Jio and its cheap 4G data pack in the country in mid-2016. Internet plays a crucial role in the development of all the developing economies such as India. It becomes crucial for the country to embrace new technologies in the internet sector and 5G is the biggest of all. The smartphone revolution is clearly visible in India, as most of the smartphones have started manufacturing in India after the current government’s focus on the Make in India initiative. Similar developments might be seen with the arrival of the 5G technology later this year.

Along with the Korean giant, the largest wireless telecom service provider in the United States of America, Verizon is also in the race to be the first company offering wireless 5G services. Technology giants from Asia such as Samsung and Huawei are eyeing for a grip on the telecom equipment and their installations required for 5G services. Nokia and Ericsson are the European tech giants looking to grab a significant portion of the telecom equipment market, however, the Asian giants especially Huawei along with ZTE are the world leaders in the telecom equipment industry.

Pricing is the key in the initial stages of the 5G deployment. Customers will be looking for some affordable upgrade options to move from 4G to 5G. If the costs are too high for the shift, most of the people will be very hesitant especially in countries such as India where the cost of the internet is the lowest in the world. South Korean company’s strategy to offer 5G for cheaper prices than 4G is a good move, as it will help spread the technology faster. Their speed of covering more and more region in the country itself is very fast as they have already covered more than 91 cities.

From India’s perspective, the faster the internet, the faster the growth rate as a whole. Easy availability of internet in the country not only helps the youth to get more technologically sound but also helps numerous businesses as they can expand or carry out their business through the help of fast and cheap internet. For instance, the rural businesses that suffered due to their distance from the major business centres in the cities are now thriving due to their popularity and reach via the internet and not physically. People can conduct business with the rural businesses and the deliveries are made on an agreed day as per both the parties. The Internet helped them to reach out to a large number of customers as compared to the early days. 5G will help India in setting several milestones in the coming years.

-Soumya De

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