The women that changed this world through technology

A woman with a laptop

Women are the light of this world. It is because of them that this world has enough strength to exist in all the reckoning that is happening right now. We always talk about how women and technology don’t go together and how they are not made for it. There is this narrow mindset which is fixed like a window pane in our head; we forget that if it was not for a woman, there would never have been a man on the moon.

Today, on this occasion of Women’s Day, we will talk about how women have shaped the technology of this world. It is hard to really comprehend that these names and their work is undermined on such a level that it will be the first time you might hear about it.

Katherine Johnson, a woman who is now a hundred years old, was once one of the leading mathematicians at NASA. A time when colored men had limited access, Katherine Johnson, a black woman, broke through all the barriers and helped Alan Shepard become the first man in space. She was the one responsible for his flight plans and the calculations behind it. A time when ‘computer’ was a person, Katherine Johnson was that NASA computer; a woman.

We all know Dennis Ritchie, the person who invented C language but way before him, there was a certain Grace Hopper. Her name might sound familiar but her work is absolutely not. She is the reason why the computer code we see is in language and not in binary code. A woman was the first human being to think that computer code should and could be readable. She is known as the ‘mother of computing’. The person behind defining the standard that is set for data processing today. Yes, the person was a she and not a he.

Mary Allen Wilkes and Adele Goldberg, one a woman who made the first ever Personal Computer and the other who made it easy to use. Mary Allen Wilkes is the first ever human to take a PC home. She, along with her teammates, developed the first ever personal computer and also took it home with her, so that she could work privately. Adele Goldberg, on the other hand, is the reason why we can multitask on our computers today. Steve Jobs, was inspired by Adele Goldberg and she was the reason why Apple computers were a hit. Yes people, a woman’s research helped Steve Jobs form one of the biggest tech companies in the world.

These are not the only women, however, to make a contribution, these are just the tip of the iceberg we see. There are millions of women every single day who work harder not only in the field of technology but in all fields alike. The world doesn’t need to empower women at all, they are already empowered. We don’t need to make them stronger, they are already the strongest. All we have to do is give them some respect and nothing more.

-Unmesh Phule

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