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The unsung hero of China’s intelligent manufacturing- “Technical Reform Team” on the entire industrial chain of Galanz

The 124th Autumn Canton Fair is being held in Guangdong (Canton) China, highly concerned on the back of the current uncertain and unstable international environment.

“Ideal Appliance” Galanz shines at the Canton Fair, where it shows the largest product lineup since it initially attended the Canton Fair more than 20 years ago, and launches more than 200 high-quality products for global consumers, including air conditioner, refrigerator, washing machine, and small household appliances like mirco-steaming oven, which is of special significance to Galanz.

Its latest high-quality household appliances, collectively unveiled at the Canton Fair on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of its founding, demonstrates both the sincerity of global sharing and the comprehensive intelligent manufacturing strength in an uncertain external environment.

The Blue Technology reporter has a very detailed insight into the innovative genes that Galanz has been ubiquitous for forty years.

Intelligent manufacturing is not a mere formality, and it requires the “hematopoietic function” of self-innovation and technological transformation. To found and seek the ways of how to innovate and perfect technology in the first-line production, based on the concept of “from the workshop, to the workshop”, is far more valuable than the theoretical innovation.

Pragmatic technological innovation is more in line with the needs of enterprises and the spirit of intelligent manufacturing, and is also the cornerstone of continuous innovation and manufacturing.

Many kinds of Galanz ‘s Technical Reform Team, not known to the outside world, are actually the “star” inside Galanz.

A Technical Reform Team, located in two laboratories of less than 200 square meters, led by Xiong Zhikang, winner of the National May 1st Labor Medal and deputy director of the Galanz Group’s Electrical Parts Manufacturing Department, has continuously broken through industry barriers, and even created some world-leading technology.

Technical Reform Team that allows trial and error

“I allowed them to try and make mistakes. Trial and error is a process of learning and discovery, and also a process of self-reconstruction. When a new technology succeeds, that kind of pleasure is beyond the reach of many people.” Xiong zhikang will never forget the great joy when the team’s technical renovation project succeeds.

“Diploma does not fully represent ability” is reflected in Xiong Zhikang profoundly. As one of the main leaders of the Technical Reform Team for accessories manufacturing, Xiong Zhikang is a typical technical man without high diploma, unsociable but dedicated, tech-savvy, technology-obsessed, and good at reading, which also become the style of the team led by him.

Although most of the members of the Technical Reform Team doesn’t get high diplomas, and mostly graduated from secondary vocational technical school, that does not hinder their technical research ability. They are also obsessed with techniques and fond of finding and improving tough problems.

Nothing is more creative than a heartfelt enthusiasm. It has slowly penetrated into the “Technical Reform Team” and took root.

When the project started a few years ago, one of the designers completed the first self-designed automatic assembly machine. From conceive to design and to assemble and shape, a piece of work was finally presented in front of his eyes, which made him feel like a mother finally gave birth to a baby, very very excited and happy.

However, his excitement was quickly dispelled by reality.

His new machine was put on the side after it was taken to the production line for only a few days, and no one was willing to use it.

“I’ve spent months making this machine, how dare you put it aside just because you’re not used to it! Get it into operation now!”He was furious at that and said to the line leader in a commanding tone.

The line leader understood the designer’s mood very much, didn’t conflict with him but told him from the facts:

“If the new machine can improve the quality and efficiency of the product, we would be happy to accept it. But in the past few days, the machine has experienced dozens of failures and the number of defective products has doubled.”

When the designer saw the defective products in the maintenance area, he tried to operate it again and found that it was designed imperfectly.

The designer had been working on the machine and components for the next couple of days, but there was no good way to solve the problem. He even suspected himself, “Did the machine have to be abandoned? Can’t the problem be solved?”

Finally one day he said to Xiong Zhikang , “Isn’t I suitable for design? Why can’t I break through this problem?”, feeling not confident and even depressed.

In front of these young people, Xiong zhikang is a leader, a teacher and a big brother. He consoled the designer that any success was the result of thousands of trials and no random success.

They work together to find the root of the problem. The line leader, the squad leader, the relevant product quality manager, the product designer, and all the product-related production line leaders were summoned by Xiong Zhikang and discussed together.

From product packaging to components and to process adjustments, all need to be reorganized and the problem was basically solved. However, there was no good solution to solve the key problem of product positioning, and the solution was either slow speed or hidden quality flaw.

Until one time they visited an exhibition, they found a solution to try. After repeated trials, the automatic assembly machine was finally done.

Technical Reform Team with a mission

The component workshop mainly produces components for microwave ovens, including timers, shaded pole motors, turntable motors, and micro switches.

In recent years, Galanz has made an average of 40 innovations in automation equipment technology every year, with annual economic benefits of about 3 million yuan. These technological transformation projects are basically original innovative design projects, which are tailor-made automation equipment.

The Technical Reform Team currently has 10 full-time designers, as well as project teams for project assembly, commissioning and use. Most of them are cultivated step by step through their long-time learning and exercise at the grassroots level of Galanz.

What important thing did the “Technical Reform Team” do? How much value does it give to the company? This is something that many ordinary consumers and even some employees of Galanz are not aware of. It may be proper to describe the Technical Reform Team with the “unsung hero.

It is these small innovations and partial innovations that drive Galanz to continuously improve smart manufacturing and promote Galanz to impress the market with high quality in the process of globalization.

In terms of technological innovation, for example, the improvement of die-casting mold inserts for component assembly workshops completed in March this year can save RMB 30,000 per month in the purchase cost of the mold insert.

In the microswitch project of quality improvement and innovation, based on the tracking test on the microswitch traverse, rotating copper, and spring sheet stamping parts to improve the ability of key parts, combined with the projection measurement and appearance check to optimize the on-line detection device of the microswitch, to ensure the effectiveness of online detection and reduce the chance of misjudgment and improve product quality.

This quality improvement has increased the qualified rate of the product from 97.80% in 2017 to 99% in 2018. Good technical management and quality improvement have brought benefits to the whole supply chain of Galanz.

Taking inventory goods and orders as an example, the semi-finished product stocks are controlled for 2 days, the finished stocks of components are controlled for 6 days, and all stocks are controlled within the order. Also, receive and aggregate orders every day and arrange production and stocking according to the order requirements.

It is an obscure “Technical Reform Team” that has become an important source for Galanz to continuously optimize its products.

It is exactly the “Technical Reform Team” that has become an important source for Galanz to continuously optimize products.

On September 21, Galanz’s full-series shipments of micro-steaming oven products in the Chinese market exceeded 150,000 units, hitting a new record and once again leading the global segment. This is just one aspect of Galanz’s achievements. In the field of kitchen appliances and white electricity, Galanz is entering the fast lane. Russia, India, Pakistan, Turkey and other countries along the Belt and Road countries have increased their orders with Galanz, including microwave ovens, ovens, and refrigerators.

For the past two years, the purchase volume of Galanz from Indian partners has increased by over 40% each year, and this year added cooperation in the segment of toaster ovens based on the 2011 cooperation in the microwave oven. The Canton Fair witnessed the innovation and internationalization of Galanz, which is still nurturing innovation. In an impetuous era, the “technical reform team” is able to avoid being confused by the outside world and focus on technology, which is the foundation and core of intelligent manufacturing.

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