The start of 2019 brings you a port-less smartphone

Apple iPhone's screen with Hello

Smartphone makers were criticized a while ago for just being the same. Every smartphone looked identical, a world famous company would come with a design and the rest would follow. There is a trend that goes on for almost a year until technology catches up with the ideas of the designers. Every year a breakthrough in technology is offered by a company and they bring it to the consumers. The other companies copy the tech and now that is the trend.

That said, there are some companies which come with some outrageous concepts. There are no bounds to their imagination and execution is also something they pull off which becomes a hook or crook situation for them. There is one such case which fits in that category. Meizo, a Chinese smartphone maker has taken minimalism to the next level. People who love minimalism are ought to love this phone.

Meizo has made sure there are no inwards in this phone. Inwards means ports, yes, there is no charging port, no headphone jack and no buttons on the phone. The entire phone is port-less (there is another future trend for you). Now the questions might have been raised but Meizo has all the answers to your questions.

It has used an 18W wireless charger, the buttons are touch sensitive, and the fingerprint scanner is inbuilt just like Huawei Mate 20 and OnePlus 6T. Meizo made sure the wireless charging is not slow and that is the reason they have given a powerful wireless charger. The wireless charging tech is not as fast but they have solved it. Fingerprint scanner was never a problem for them as there are phones which work successfully with an in screen scanner.

That said, the other question which everyone thinks of is where are the speakers? Well, Meizo just nailed it in this department as well. They have thought of something and implemented it. The piezoelectric transducer is used which emits sounds through the screen, yes, you read that right. This tech is used by a couple of companies but is not widely used. The Meizo Zero as the phone is called produces sound through the vibrations of that transducer.

The next question a user will ask is ‘Where to put the sim cards?’ the answer to that is, you don’t. The technology used here is eSim. This tech has been around for a while and is currently in use with Apple’s iPhone XS. This phone might be in your hand but everything else works with software and only software.

In that case, the phone dons the chip of 2018, Snapdragon 845 and has small bezels with 5.99 inch AMOLED screen. The top bezel consists of the front facing camera which is 20 megapixel and the rear has two cameras a 12 MP and a 20 MP camera. The storage and the RAM has been kept under wrap as there are no rumors about it. Even then, this is an amazing thing to achieve and this phone will come to consumers in no time with an IP68 rating, a sealed waterproof and dustproof smartphone with no holes.

-Unmesh Phule

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