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The Reason Google Fails When It Comes To Social Media

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Google is a company which works differently for different problems. The ability to solve problems has always been one of the biggest strengths of Google. The company is one of the biggest in the world and still has many notable failures. Today we are going to discuss the failures of Google and how these failures are repeated time and again.

Google’s strength is utility tools. It has created some of the best utility tools in the world. To shine some light on it, Gmail, Google Chrome, Google Search, Google Chrome, Google Assistant, Google Spreadsheets, Google Drive and more. These are some of the utility tools which literally rule the internet at the moment. There is no replacing the established systems like Google Search or Gmail. These are mandatory and are offered for free.

That being said, where does Google fail then? Aren’t these the only services Google offers? Well, no. There are a host of other things Google tried and failed. How do we know they failed? It is because people don’t know about them at all. There is a possibility of you hearing whispers about the applications but that is about it.

The Social Media

Google tried their hand at social media and it is safe to say that it failed miserably. Google tried its hand at multiple concepts and websites but couldn’t really take off in any of them. Orkut, a social media website which was created by an engineer at Google. It was founded in 2004 and never really took off in the US but was a big hit in India and Brazil.

Dodgeball was next which was founded in 2004 and the idea of checking in on locations in the real world was great but Google couldn’t pull it off. Google+ is the biggest failure of Google. The social media site which absolutely did not take off was founded in 2011, was shown the bin this year. Google+ was somewhat like Facebook but with different things. The only problem was that it was seven years late. It launched Google+ in the same year when Snapchat, a whole new idea of socializing was introduced.

Google tried its hand at many things but social media is something it could always pull off but couldn’t. The company has itself to blame because there is no reason for them to fail. Either they did not give it all in developing or they really can only deliver utility tools and nothing beyond that.

The messaging apps

The messaging applications are something which needs a bit of foresight and the timing required to pull off something like this also needs to be impeccable. Google had a record eight messaging or video applications and only three of them are in the running as of now. Google has nowhere to look for this one because it was late and late by a mile.

The company did launch Hangouts in 2013 but it was too late. All the other applications which were even remotely successful were there. Even Facebook realized that messaging needs a different app and released Messenger in 2011. Hangouts failed miserably and are shutting down later this year. There are other examples such as video calling app Duo which did not do that well and they shut that down as well.

However, the company is now coming out with some other things in the future. It is trying to combine the messaging service we have into a chatting service and this is working but the company should concentrate on creating applications for business rather than commercial. This is because it already has a service named G Suite and if it can offer additional social services for free then their social apps might get the nod.

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