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The New June Oven: Be Your Own Chef

June Oven lets you watch the food being cooked

The new advanced technology is making our daily use kitchen gadgets more fun to run as well as snazzy looking. You will find smart and high-tech kitchen appliances even for the simpler tasks such as Wi-Fi enabled coffee brewer, smart slow cooker, Sous-Vide machine and so much more. The one thing common that allures everyone towards these gadgets is their function to work on your smart phone with the help of Wi-Fi.

Encompassed in this competitive market is the June Oven that is most intriguing. If the idea of a built-in camera that gauges your food like a watchdog excites you, then this cooking machine is certainly for you.

So what is the June Oven?

The $599 June is a heavy 12¾ inches tall by 19¾ inches wide by 18¼ inches long countertop oven that uses carbon heating elements along with convection fans and LED lights. It has easy-to-use touchscreen display which offers a variety of settings to prepare your meal and has various functions to choose from, such as baking, roasting, slow cooking, broiling, toasting, air frying, and dehydrating, reheating and keeping food warm. The handy thermometer which comes along with the accessories can measure the internal temperature of the food and prompt how much time remains to get it ready.

The HD camera which automatically recognizes the ingredients and provides suggestion from the preprogrammed list, is the fanciest part about this oven. Plus, a Wi-Fi connection enables you to use an app to watch your food while it’s cooking from anywhere. By paying an annual subscription fee of about $50, the app also connects you to the June’s growing list of recipes and how-to-prepare-the-meal videos. You can also update the oven’s software occasionally through Wi-Fi. For hands-free cooking and checking on your food, there is also a feature where you can use Amazon’s Alexa if you are busy working.

June oven comes with a package of five accessories that includes a June food thermometer to check the temperature, a roasting rack for turkey, chicken grills, bacon strips etc, a good quality pan, wire shelf and a crumb tray. It also gives you with one-year warranty for the oven and two-year warranty for the package.

Some downsides of June.

 Even though June is all fun and quirky, you cannot put your entire trust on it since the food recognition feature isn’t that reliable. The cooking programs are sadly limited with only a few choices in them, such as, in the leftovers setting it only gives you the option to reheat pizza. But since the software updates on a daily basis, you never know!

Another thing that might get on your nerve are the confusing recipes on the app with absurdly incorrect image representation such as, if the recipe includes three boiled eggs, the picture will be of two plain eggs which may misguide the people who are skimming through the recipe.

The camera which is so appealing is not that easier to use because like the shine of an enticing silver ring fades with time, the camera too becomes misty and filmy with continuous use, that’s why June urges you to wipe the camera after every use. Sometimes it mistakes between different foods like chicken breasts for sourdough bread. Gradually after a long use the color of the food seems different from inside on the app.

As the June lets you add extra cooking time to the end, it limits the time only for three or four minutes and if you have to add more amounted time, the entire session should be cancelled and every detail has to be re-entered again.

After much analysis, it may seem that June has dropped its price, the oven is less impressive but decent enough. It functions just like those normal toaster oven, only the amusing part is to watch your food cooking from your phone. Even though it saves hours of laborious work for having to Google every step while cooking a meal for occasions, its concluded that this oven still has a long way to go before it can reach the promised potential based on the high price.

-Dolly Dholakia

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