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The Most Stunning Chinese Brand in Europe at IFA

Chinese Brand at IFA

A senior German media journalist gave the answers.

A well-known German tech expert ad  GEMarkt’s publisher, Lutz Rossmeisl, said in an interview with Blue Technology during the German IFA that, Haier, is the biggest influencer of Chinese white goods brands in Germany. which reaffirms Haier’s focus and persistence in the field of white goods.

Lutz Rossmeisl, who has more than 30 years of media experience, has been studying the evolution of Chinese brands in Germany and Europe. Now, aftermarket inspections and international mergers and acquisitions, the influence of Chinese brands in Germany and Europe has become more and more obvious.

When German consumers are no longer sticking to past brands and are willing to choose new brands, this is a good opportunity for Chinese brands wherein the young consumers have a strong desire to make trade-offs between different brands.

To let people see the future of the brand, we must first look at the well-known brands in the market, as well as the brand’s display rate and inquires in the appliance store. As a representative of the media industry, Lutz Rossmeisl’s observations are highly reliable. On the first day of IFA in Germany, he talked about Haier’s current situation and prospects for the future.

Blue Technology: IFA is a window to show that every year Haier brings different changes and new technologies and products. As a senior media expert, if you want to find a suitable label for Haier, how do you describe Haier?

Lutz Rossmeisl: Focus and professionalism, this is my evaluation of Haier. Unlike other Chinese brands, Haier is immersed and focused on white goods, which is Haier’s advantage in Germany and Europe.

In the refrigerator, washing machine and air conditioning industry, Haier’s market segment is doing very well. This is the second label I want to give Haier – the company which sees the future.

What I found most impressive is that in the German market, the Shanghai Er series has a very clear target consumer group, and the product can continue with iteratively upgrade. Especially in the mid-to-high price segment. Moreover, technology is the most advanced, and the design is also very novel. These products are Haier’s products with advantages in the German market.

Blue Technology: Has Haier reached the expectations of German consumers at the product design level? What expectations do consumers have for Haier?

Lutz Rossmeisl: The impressive designs of Haier products are completely in line with the German market. When it comes to anticipation of the future, German consumers hope that the Haier brand will continue to innovate in products and designs.

Haier is leading Germany in the era of smart home

Blue Technology: Smart home innovation is a global trend. At present, Haier’s smart home has obvious advantages, and Haier smart home appliances are making their way in Europe and the world. What do you think is the advantage of Haier smart home in Germany and Europe?

Lutz Rossmeisl: Haier Smart Home will have a good opportunity to develop in Germany since Haier has always pursued new technologies to bring consumers a fast and convenient lifestyle. What Haier is giving to German consumers is not just selling consumer products but selling a premium experience. This is the difference between Haier and other Chinese brands in Europe.

Of course, this means that Haier’s smart home must provide a complete set of product solutions, including hardware and software. Haier should meet the needs of Germans for smart homes

Blue Technology: Smart homes are changing the way consumers live. What kind of smart home do you think the Germans need, how does Haier requires to meet the needs of German consumers?

Lutz Rossmeisl: In the German market, smart home applications in the areas of safety and entertainment (alarm systems, music, and television) and household appliances (washing, air conditioning units) are the most urgent. Because in the smart home field, it is the most commonly used by consumers, so the first consideration is to make consumers feel convenient is in these aspects.

Haier smart home is relatively mature in China because Haier has a large number of users, and catering to the needs of these users will greatly help Haier’s smart home with relevant improvements and promotions. In Germany as well this will contributes to the popularization of Haier’s smart home segment.

German consumer brand loyalty is changing

Blue Technology: What changes in consumer behaviour are now seen in German consumers? Are these changes good news for Haier?

Lutz Rossmeisl: That’s right. Unlike previous generations, today’s consumers are no longer loyal to traditional brands, especially teenagers. Among them, product design, face value, and technology play an important role. In addition to this, quality and sustainable product innovation also play an important role.

Haier’s product portfolio meets the needs of German customers, consequently, more Germans are choosing Haier.

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