The legacy Of Uber Outdoes The Likes Of Google And Microsoft

Uber, a company which tried to file for an IPO silently has to suffer from serious media attention. The Initial Public Offering is yet to go through and Uber is still having a tough time comprehending the news that is floating around. The company had to go through a lot of tumultuous times in the past. It had to work through a lot of problems and did shut down in numerous countries. The company is omnipresent when it comes to the world, however, the problem here is the competition.

The initial public offering saw different versions of Uber or different versions of problems caused by Uber. Point being the San Francisco based company causes traffic, pollution and all the other problems caused by excessive vehicles. However, there are some amazing things that Uber has done to the technological world and no one is looking at it. Uber has always been a point of criticism for one matter or the other but this article, purposefully look at one thing, Uber has done.

The ex-employee startups

Nowadays, every company looks at their employees as employees and there are hardly any companies that treat their employees as family. Work is a place where people spend most of their lives and if they are not made at home, their entire lives might be ruined. However, Uber was not one of those companies, this company nested their employees and nurtured them to become a better person. The legacy of Uber can be seen through the work of their ex-employees.

Uber has given life to 34 startups, that is 34 different business, and god knows how many jobs. Now, the 34 startups have one thing in common; every startup was founded by an ex-employee of Uber. This number is not even close to any other company. There are behemoths like Google, Microsoft, Facebook or even Amazon but none of their ex-employees have successful startups.

There is a startup called Bird which is an electric scooter startup which is valued at $2 billion. There is another startup named Beam which focuses on e-scooter rental in the South East Asian market. These are just two examples from relevant fields but there are many startups which are in a totally different tangent as well.

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick has founded a kitchen rental business. This business is for restaurant deliveries and is called as CloudKitchens. This startup is not competing with Uber. This is the legacy of Uber no one talks about. These are just three startups and apart from this, there are 31 more.

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