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The Internet Not Sparing The Infants As Companies Seek Data Of Babies

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The internet has surely brought the world closer but we cannot really say that it has made it safer. There might be your personal information floating around the ocean of the internet and you won’t know anything about it. This is where the internet gets dangerous and the world suddenly becomes a small dark alley full of predators. This is the age of data and data has become the new oil. People are willing to splash unheard amounts to gather certain data.

That being said, you might think that having an email id is where you start your journey on the internet. However, that is not true for the generation coming after us. Think of it, people are literally saving up email id names for their kids who are not even in existence yet. This is where their journey starts on the internet.

However, if you are aware of the baby care applications and companies, then you are also aware of the applications regarding the same. There are companies such as FirstCry, Parentlane, Johnson and Johnson’s BabyCenter and even Amazon, which ask for information about the baby before buying any product or registering with them. This is where things get shady as to why would a company need the baby’s information if the parent is buying the products?

The experts are absolutely fuming with the companies asking for such data. Apar Gupta of Internet Freedom Foundation has strong opinions about the same. He said that the companies mentioned above are subject to the questioning and they should answer as to why the children’s data is needed when the youngsters are vulnerable and require ‘heightened privacy protection’.

“Children are particularly vulnerable and require heightened privacy protection. Amazon, Parentlane, and FirstCry must clarify and inform parents what (they) intend to do with the data being gathered. “The question to be asked is whether these companies are sharing this data with third parties and if children can request deletion of this data once they turn adults,” said Apar Gupta.

FirstCry came out and said that the only purpose of the company doing that is to give personalized suggestions to the consumer. That is the only reason parents are asked for additional information. The founder of FirstCry Supam Maheshwari talked about this. He said, “We collect data from parents to make personalized recommendations. Our service is only for parents and, therefore, we do not target children. We are fully compliant with the draft privacy law in its current form but will have to wait for the final policy to comment on it.”


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