The Iconic Ford Mustang Muscle Car Family has a new Baby but it’s all Electric

FORD Mustang

The Mustang Series from the house of Ford has been an iconic piece of automobile. It oozes power and allured its customers to show off with their rides. However, times are changing and the advent of electric vehicles is inevitable. This has resulted in Ford announcing a new generation of Mustang that will be all electric.

It is said that “Haters are gonna Hate but Doers are gonna Do”. The purists might never accept the new member of their beloved Mustang family. However, it is crucial for the century old car-maker to accept the incoming changes in the automobile industry. The wave of electric car has started to hit the automobile industry really hard due to the awareness created for climate change and the rise of the sustainable methods of energy production and usage.

Ford has launched its new model, the Mustang Mach E during the recently concluded LA Auto Show. It is not the first time that Ford or one of its group companies have attempted their hands at an electric vehicle. However, this is surely the first time that they are really serious about it and it shows in the product.

On the one hand, it is a huge risk to change something that has been so iconic for over half a century, the Mustang Model as it is widely popular among the car enthusiasts. On the other hand, it is a good move to bring the electric vehicle model amongst the public with its iconic model so that people have an instant connect with the name and the feel of the car. It will also help popularize the concept of electric cars as it is crucial for having a significant impact on climate change.

The new Mustang has taken cues from the old models but have totally reinvented itself. It has the familiar triple tail light strands and the ever so popular Pony in the front as a symbol of it being a Mustang. However, it misses out on the sounds and the heavy muscle car feeling that was Mustang known for.

Having said that, the Mach E is a beast of a car when it comes to the specs. The basic version called the standard Mustang has a range of 210 miles on RWD (Rear Wheel Drive) and 230 miles on AWD (All Wheel Drive) with 255 Horsepower. It can do a 0-6 mph in just 6 seconds. This gets even better with the higher models that can finally go up to a massive 350+ Horsepower for the Mustang GT Electric Version that can do a 0-60 mph in just 3 seconds.

The batteries are kept in the floor of the car that opens up space for trunks in the back and the front as well. The back trunk is a large one but the smaller front trunk is designed to carry wet things or even ice and has a water drainage system attached with it.

The interiors are as futuristic as possible but very simple at the same time. It comes with a huge 15.5” screen with the Ford EV platform installed and Bang and Olufsen (B&O) speakers on the front deck.

Starting at just over $43,000, it is certainly not the cheapest but is one of the bets out there as of now. Companies such as Tesla, BYD, Audi, Mercedez Benz and BMW are in the race to create something good in the electric vehicles sector. Hope they succeed in their respective attempts and the electric vehicle industry becomes the norm of the sustainable future.

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