The Huawei Ban Explained

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Huawei has been making headlines from the last few days. Huawei is the world’s no.1 telecom supplier and no. 2 smart phone maker. In spite of being at the apex, it is still being black listed in few countries. Due to which the tech giant is now facing the crisis of friends. Google, QUALCOMM, ARM, Broadcom, Intel and maybe more to join the list, all these have already withdrawn their services from Huawei.

US Bans Huawei

Last week the US put ban on Huawei due to security threats. Although there has been no concrete evidence that Huawei caused a security threat to them but the major reason of the entire controversy is the belief of The US intelligence service that Huawei acts on behalf of the Chinese Government.

What are the possible losses that Huawei will have to go through? Huawei will immediately lose partnership with Google and the access to updates to Google’s Android Operating System. Future versions of Huawei Smartphones that run on Android will also lose access to popular services, including the Google Play Store, Gmail, YouTube etc. These losses are of no loss to the Chinese population as they have entirely a different ecosystem running in their country. Like other countries, they do not dwell on Google’s ecosystem. Our lives are dependent on WhatsApp, Google, and YouTube. China has a separate ecosystem which they live in but that brings a massive impact on the other countries citizens.

The Security Threat

The major reason behind banning Huawei was that it posed threat to the security of the USA, also if we look a little closely to this entire controversy, you’d learn that the Huawei executives are have very close relations with the Chinese government making it riskier to have even a business relationships with china. Also, one feature that has been noticed in Huawei phones is that it’s internal products are completely closed which means you cannot decompile to see its internal structure or to gather any data unlike the other android phones which are open-source and hence it becomes easier to gather the data.

However, Huawei hasn’t been proven guilty for doing so. But the entire decision has been taken only in the interest of The US national security for which Huawei will face a huge blow as it has already been banned by a number of companies.

What is the future of Huawei phones?

Huawei’s future smartphones will come without Google! How does that sound? It sounds super challenging for Huawei as Huawei will probably have to create their separate operating system. In the existing Huawei cellphones, google will run but not on the updated version, because it cannot be updated and if updated, there would be no Google on their phones anymore! So for how long can you work on an outdated version of Google? The existing Huawei cellphones will not get any google feature updates. Missing features due to the absence of Google like location services, Google play store and the other features will only make it worse for Huawei to withstand the harsh environment. The future of Huawei seems to be damped. This entire controversy will also affect the Honor phones as the honor handsets will also be deprived of Google services. The survival of Huawei phones is possible only by creating its own operating system, which has been announced by Huawei.

Now that The US has banned Huawei, the countries which are closely allied with The US will also withdraw their support from Huawei. If we look at this aspect, Huawei is going to incur a tons of losses and it will take time to come back to its original state as it is a huge blow to the tech giant.

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