The Flagship Killer OnePlus devices will not get any more expensive in India

The foreign exchange rates keep on varying due to numerous reasons. Generally, the changes are gradual and major price differences are felt only after a significant passage of time. However, there are times when it fluctuates rapidly and the changes are felt suddenly. For the past few weeks, the value of Indian Rupee is falling steeply. This has resulted in the prices of numerous commodities to increase and one them is smartphones.

In a price sensitive market such as India, even a slight change in prices could result in a change of mind for the customers, who constantly look for the highest value for money. OnePlus has emerged as the bestselling smartphone brands in the premium segment in India surpassing Apple and Samsung. They offer the best possible specs sheet in the market along with a sturdy design but at prices that are unheard of from the brands such as Apple, Facebook, Sony and LG.

The current best seller of OnePlus is their model 6. They have been creating ripples all over India and the world due to their amazing value for money. However, the company claims that the price of their next few shipments will be higher compared to other due to the depreciating value of Indian rupee. This was a course of concern for the brand as this would increase the cost of their current smartphones. Xiaomi has already launched a OnePlus killer with the launch of POCO F1. If now, the price of OnePlus increases then people would prefer to look for better options.

To keep their demand as high as possible, OnePlus decided to keep their prices as it is even if the cost of imports rise. This would keep them from losing their customers to their competitors. However, it has been clarified by the company that the newer model 6T will be a tad bit expensive as compared to the OnePlus 6.

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