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The Elderly Population will not feel left out of this Mobile Internet Age

Anvayaa is a practical and forward-thinking e-commerce website dedicated to senior care. In today’s world, keeping a track of elderly population’s needs has proven to be quite difficult especially with children working abroad or even in different cities. Friends and families tend to give up after a certain time and a certain number of favours done.

Prashant Reddy, the founder of Anvayaa realized these issues when he was working in the IT industry for many years and had to spend time abroad. He feels that senior care is not only a new field but it is also so crucial that it is more of a responsibility than business. He said that Anvayaa will provide services ranging from paying utility bills, fetching groceries, accompanying them to parties, theatres and taking and attending to hospital appointments. There are almost 1.6 million elderly parents of NRI kids living in Indian Metros. The first priority of the one-stop-shop for senior care solution website is to serve this population as it will be easy to deliver the services in metros. Slowly they will expand their services in other cities too.


The company has started in Hyderabad with an initial 200 families and charges $ 400 to $ 1500 per family for various packages. It has collaborated with 120 different companies to provide with various products and services.

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