The Deep Web and The Dark Web

The first amalgamation of the terms “deep web” with “dark web” came about in 2009 when deep web search terminology was discussed together with illegal activities taking place on the Freenet and Darknet. The internet has almost 4.5 billion websites that have been gauged by the search engine. What we see and find is the surface web, which is not even an inch closer to what we can not find on the web, it is 400-500 times deeper than the surface web, and that’s where the Deep Web comes into the picture.

The difference between the Deep Web and Dark Web

The deep web is so accessible that we use it every day to check your email. It is the part of the World Wide Web that is not reachable by standard means of search engines, which includes password-protected or encrypted networks. The dark web is classified as a small part of the Deep Web which has been hidden on purpose and in inaccessible through standard web browsers. The dark web is known for the illegal activities due to the anonymity associated with TOR network which is the only browser through with Dark Web can be accessed.

The deep web is protected with a little privacy. Generally, it’s emails, social media profiles, subscription sites like Netflix, and anything you need a password to access while in Dark Web, total anonymity rules and hence it is used to perform illicit activities. For example, Silk Road, which is not functional anymore was once an online drug store and it provided everything, from weed to heroin. When its creator Ross Ulbricht was arrested in 2013 and imprisoned for life. Dark Web provides unlawful resources to terrorists and for other harmful activities. The Dark Web’s marketplace can generate more than $500,000 per day. You can be on a wanted list of FBI even by just accessing the dark web.

Why was Tor created?

Ironically, Tor was originally created by The U.S Navy. Even today, Tor is funded by the US Government. It is not supporting the illicit activities though, there are other plenty of other less shady usages of Tor. For instance, if any unwanted words are spilled against the authoritarian regimes by the activists, Tor can help them protect their identity and privacy. It aims to conceal it’s users’ identities and their online activities from the surveillance. Tor is used by the Military and law enforcement agencies to keep online activities secretive. When Tor was being developed in the 1990s, the major objective was to safeguard intelligence communication. Basically, it was invented for the safety and privacy concerns which were later misused for the illicit causes due to the possibility of hiding your location and preventing your traffic from being tracked down.


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