The Boeing Company has another first as they test their air taxi

Autonomous cars are gaining a lot of attention. There are so many companies investing in this technology that it seems to be the future for cars. There are so many tests happening and the technology is already around as companies such as Tesla have inherited and installed it in their cars. That said, autonomous cars sounds a viable dream for now as it will become a reality sooner rather than later.

In that case, autonomous aircraft are a thing which not a lot of people are paying attention to. It is something which is surely made for the future but on the company as such is making it a reality. The Boeing Company have made it a possibility now. They have developed a prototype to test their self-driving air taxi, as it is called. It is too early to say that it is a successful prototype but Boeing has passed in their first test. They recently tested their prototype and the results were amazing.

The Boeing’s air taxi, last Tuesday completed a trip in the air. However, this trip was not that long as it is yet to gain the ability to move forward in the air and is just able to hover around. That said, the Boeing’s aircraft took off successfully, hovered in the air and landed successfully as well. It did all this without a pilot and used its own developed autonomous navigations system and landing systems as well. This is a huge success for Aurora Flight Sciences, which is a subsidiary of Boeing’s.

John Langford, who is the President of Aurora Flight Sciences said in a statement that this is how a revolution looks like. He also added that this is going to make urban air travel very much possible which will be safe and clean. Langford’s statement read, “This is what revolution looks like, and it’s because of autonomy. Certifiable autonomy is going to make a quiet, clean and safe urban air mobility possible.”

The prototype air taxi is 30 feet in length and its wings spread almost 28 feet. The rotors which help it rise vertically are designed in such a way that it can help the plane to hover and move forward up to 80.4 kilometers.

This is developed to address the current tensions in the urban areas regarding congestions in traffic. There is a huge number of people migrating to cities and the commute is going to be a major problem. To solve that this is a larger plan which will someday make it easier for people to get from one place to another.

-Unmesh Phule

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