The Alpha of Smartphones is here from Xiaomi

Mi Mix Vertical

Amidst the growing screen real estate and the disappearing components from the face of the smartphones, Xiaomi has revealed a device that has broken all the previous records and set the benchmark for the coming years. They strive for achieving a truly bezel-less display on a smartphone took the tech world from a normal phone to first, notches and then gradually it shrunk smaller and smaller to ultimately reach the popup front cameras. However, the greed for more real estate on a smartphone screen has not been met yet.

Xiaomi is known for its value proposition as it launches some of the best affordable tech out there, which doesn’t necessarily feel like a compromise. Although the company draws most of its profits from its mobile internet segment, its most popular is the smartphone and other consumer electronics segment. In fact, one of the meanings of the name ‘Mi’ means ‘Mobile Internet’.

Mi Mix Horizontal
Mi Mix Horizontal


  1. Truly Bezel-less Display – The screen according to Xiaomi is somehow 180.6%, which is mathematically impossible. However, what this means is that they have achieved a near 100% on the front of the screen and the screen flown on to the other side where it covers more than 80% of the area. This is how Xiaomi reached such a mind-boggling screen to body ratio on a device.
  2. Premium Material – Aero grade Titanium is the go-to material if one wants to make a device look, feel and perform phenomenally. Titanium is a lightweight metal that is extremely strong too. This makes it one of the best but expensive options to make a smartphone out of it.
  3. Power – This is one of the most important aspects as this will eventually make the user use the phone. This is what drives all the functions of the smartphone. Snapdragon 855+ processor that is 5G ready. Moreover, the device has a huge 4050 mAH battery to power it up.
  4. Camera – over the past 5 years the major development in the performance of smartphones can be clearly seen in the camera department. As the companies are trying to narrow the gap between smartphones and DSLRs, smartphones cameras are benefitting. Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha becomes the first phone in the world with an unbelievable 108MP camera on the back along with two more on the back.


Beijing was the location for the launch of Xiaomi’s latest flagship device that is, in fact, more expensive than any other available in the market at the moment at a staggering 20,000 Yuan, roughly ₹2,00,000 in India (if it ever reaches the Indian shores). After all the discussion regarding its premium quality and features that are difficult to even comprehend, the price is also quite difficult to comprehend. At 20,000 Yuan it is around 20% more expensive than the nearest competitor, Huawei Mate X Foldable phone. This is the one factor that would have a huge impact on the sales of the Alpha. However, the company isn’t even looking at huge sales figure with this device as it has been launched as a concept device that is in low production. This has been placed as an alternative to the foldable devices launched by Huawei and Samsung. This is also to prove that the brand is capable of such technological breakthrough and is not solely dependent on the reverse engineering of other brands, which it is quite often accused of.

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