The AK-47 makers take the aerial route with their new ZALA drones

Mikhail T. Kalashnikov revolutionized the assault rifle industry with his all-time great rifle AK-47. This became a household name, not only in Russia but also worldwide because of the guns he designed. Automatic Kalashnikov 1947, also known as AK-47 was a revolution that transformed the gun making industry. The company, Kalashnikov Concern, which has been renamed after Mikhail Kalashnikov can find its traces in the late 1800s as well.

Although gun making is its primary business, Kalashnikov Concern has also designed a lot of technologically advanced products. It has evolved from its gun-making roots and transformed into a technology-based company. There are many products that have stayed concepts but were and are promising ever since they were unveiled. Not only technology they even ventured in the textile industry as well. As the company has a bunch of hunting rifles, they made hunting clothes for the traditional hunters.

Not only this, Kalashnikov Concern has made Assault boat BK-16 for the Russian Government which is designed in such a way that it can fulfill around 5-6 purposes. This narrowed down the work of 5-6 different boats into one. The BK-16 was also a revolution on its own as it can patrol, transport, fire, land, and defend.

Waters is not where the company stopped, it also tried to conquer the roads. The ‘try’ is still in the process as Kalashnikov introduced a concept Electric Car earlier this year. The main reason for entering the electric car market was to rival Tesla. The car’s design is based on a 1973 Hatchback named Kombi. The design is vintage and the technology is futuristic. The car is yet to hit the market and the date is not fixed. A week before the electric car, the company announced that a robot, 13 feet tall, which could walk on two legs, is in a progressive state. This is how diverse the company has become.

After touching both the waters and the roads, the company has also ventured into the skies. They have very recently revealed its drone which is outstanding in all the departments. A drone for the Russian Government is designed to take care of the Arctic. It can patrol the Arctic day and night. Kalashnikov Concern revealed a pair of drones, which are so smart that they can identify a boat from over 100 Km.

ZALA drones as they are known, are capable of identifying and gathering information about unidentified vessels. They can save the trouble of a lot of men by carrying out research in the inhospitable Arctic Ocean. The drones will be able to name the ship, the size of it and also the course and its speed. Apart from this the aerial vessels have their own navigation system which, of course, is an alternative to the Global Positioning System and the Russian system equivalent of the same. The Russian activity in the Arctic is on the rise and this is one of the main reasons the drones are going to hit the skies as soon as they are properly ready.

The Arctic is one of the regions which is soon to be exploited. Global Warming has played a very important role in this. Because of global warming, the ice is taking a back and this has opened all kinds of trading routes. Asian manufacturing giants such as China, Japan, and South Korea have to travel all the way through the Indian Ocean to transport their tech to Europe. If they ship their products through the Arctic, it will take around 40% less time than usual. This kind of development might be a huge factor in the businesses that take place in the future among Asia and the rest of the world.

– Unmesh Phule

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