The age of IoT is here. Anything can be turned in to connected tech with Spray-on Antennas

People are constantly stuck to their smartphones. Smartphones need antennas to be connected to the internet and perform most of the tasks hurled at it. This makes the antennas extremely important for the connectivity purpose. In the beginning, antennas used to be huge, expensive and extremely immobile. However, due to constant innovation in the connectivity sector and requirements of the modern mobile lifestyle, antennas have become smaller, flexible and cheaper. Smartphones are the epitome of the technological developments for humans as it houses most of the innovative technologies in one small package. Antennas are a big part of smartphones, which require it to be almost negligible and still perform its work.

Spray-on antennas seem to be something straight out of a sci-fi movie but it is as real as it gets. Researchers from Drexel University in the US used a type of two-dimensional, metallic material called MXene. According to Kapil Dandekar, a professor at the Drexel University expressed his excitement over the findings. He said that this technology could be used in numerous laces as the materials used to spray the antennas on can be anything from a metal pole to a wavy piece of cloth as it can perform over flexible surfaces too.

The antennas could only be of a few nanometers in thickness and still perform up to expectations. This opens up a huge world of possibilities, especially in the IoT sector. Each passing day more and more smart devices are being developed and the demand to integrate more everyday object in the smart ecosystem needs innovations like the spray on antennas to work as per the expectation.

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