The 4th Edition of the Matrix is in the Making with Keanu Reeves

Matrix Hand

The Matrix is a science fiction action media franchise created by the Wachowskis. One of the most iconic science fiction movies of all time. The franchise depicts the story of who fight a desperate war against machine overlords that have enslaved humanity in an extremely sophisticated virtual reality system.
Science fiction has been a way of escape for most of the movie lovers. This genre of movies help the viewers experience future technologies through technology and realise their imaginations. Matrix was way ahead of its time in the early 2000s but the content shown in the trilogy has become a reality of sorts today. The technology of Virtual reality has come to the common man’s hand with the constant and rapid development of smartphone technology. In fact, even more advance form or Mixed Reality has arrived in the market that will be taking over the Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality markets.
The good news for the film fraternity and all the fans of the Matrix Trilogy is that the 4th film is coming soon. The lead protagonist Neo portrayed by the Hollywood action star Keanu Reeves is going to be in the movie along with Carrie-Anne Moss coming back as Trinity. The action-packed series not only entertained the audiences with its ultra-realistic graphics and mind-bending science of that time, but it also painted a grim picture of the possibilities arising out of misuse of a technology by a large corporation.
According to a DigitalTrends report of the interview of the movie’s producers and writers, the website writes that the production will begin in 2020. Wachowski is set to return after she directed the original trilogy with her sister, Lilly.

The movie was revolutionary as it showed us the technology that was way ahead of its time but more importantly it showed us how the advanced technology could be misused. In the modern world, we have been through numerous instances where large corporates have been misusing the users’ data as well as playing with many other aspects of the law and social life. The movie’s producers are claiming that the plot of the initial 3 films is quite realistic and believable in today’s world.

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