The 2019 German IFA Was Not As Good As Expected

IFA Losing its Shine

Feedback from exhibitors, media and professional visitors (including channel dealers and other professionals) shows that this year’s German IFA is not as popular as it used to be. There are not many new products on display. After opening to the audience, visitors were apparently less in numbers.

For four consecutive years, Blue Technology has visited IFA, ranging from three days to five days’ visit. Most of the time, we like to see new products in different pavilions and see the most popular booths. Judging from the performance in recent years, the popularity of the IFA exhibition has weakened, and this year seems to be more ominous.

Although no official data is showing the change in the number of viewers, the exhibitors were the most vocal. Especially for companies exhibiting regularly, they felt the same disappointment about IFA.

During the IFA interaction, exhibitors from China, Germany, Italy, France, South Korea, and other places found consensus on this exhibition regarding the number of visitors, which was significantly less, even on the first day of the professional visits. Compared with last year and before, we could see the obvious change in the flow of the crowd, which was down instead of upward.


On the second day of the show, this was a Saturday.  There was not much enthusiasm either.In the past, every Saturday and Sunday was a peak of visits, and this year it was not popular.

“This year is not as good as it used to be, and the number of visitors has decreased significantly, perhaps because of the overall economic downturn.” This is the feeling of the four Chinese exhibitors involved in IFA’s exchanges with Blue Technology, it was also a general feeling of Chinese exhibitors.

Although there is no official data, it is undeniable that IFA seems to face a crossroads. Currently, the world’s three most famous consumer electronics exhibitions are the US CES, China AWE and Germany IFA.

Besides, each continent and each country are of the same size and have different exhibitions. For enterprises, the one that is frequently exhibited looks to set up an exhibition near to its consumer base, whereas on the other hand, coming to Germany exacerbates the cost of the exhibition.

Especially in the global economic downturn, the overall slowdown of the home appliance industry and the apparent unwillingness to consume, consumer electronics exhibitions will be affected to some extent, and exhibitors will eventually reduce.

Through the signs of weakening IFA, we want to give some advice to China AWE. After all, at present, the three most influential exhibitions in the world, in addition to the US CES and the German IFA, is China’s AWE. It is so popular that it has become one of the top three consumer electronics exhibitions in the world.


Taking precautions, this is the basic condition for China AWE to build influence and form a sustainable exhibition. Based on the expectations of European exhibitors and European media person to communicate with China’s AWE, Blue Technology summed up three recommendations:

The first is to create a good business negotiation atmosphere and new product display functions. According to some exhibitors’ conclusions, the US CES is more focused on new product launches. The German IFA is mostly commercial cooperation, and AWE should have both functions. On the yearly scale, CES is in January, AWE is in March, and IFA is in September. Some exhibitors believe that if there are more new products and commercial cooperation in the first half of the year, it will be very helpful for channel dealers to launch new products in the second half of the year.

AWE also needs to enhance the display experience function, so that more channels and professionals in Europe, America, and Asia have personal experience on the spot. This should be a marquee feature of AWE.

The second is to give European channel operators more boost. Let create more willingness in them to participate in AWE, which will have a positive effect on the AWE event itself and the Chinese products going to Europe. A European channel operator said that he hopes to have the opportunity to go to China AWE. After all, Chinese products have obvious advantages in design and intelligent hardware.

A new trend now is that the consumption preferences of young people in Europe are beginning to spread and are no longer confined to fixed brands. They are more willing to choose cost-effective or innovative electronic products. The functions carried by the channel providers are self-evident, so if AWE can attract more channels, this may be a real win-win situation.

The third is to invite international professional media to report on AWE. A practical problem is that each year AWE and the German IFA get similar global media reports, especially IFA, the European media. Some media people in Europe (even including Asia, India, Vietnam, South Korea, and other media, they have a clear report on AWE) said they hope to have the opportunity to report and in-depth experience in AWE. Perhaps this will have a multiplier effect on guiding the European market and consumers.

In fact, AWE has already established a certain industry influence. It can be seen from the exhibitions in recent years that the number of exhibitors and audiences has continuously increased, and media reports around the world are constantly expanding, which has made the world see the present and future of AWE.

AWE’s function is not only to showcase, but also to shoulder the mission of helping Chinese brands go global and let the world know about China. AWE should discover the essence of the phenomenon of IFA and be prepared for danger. Make AWE a sustainable, more influential global event.

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