Tesla’s autopilot feature reduced crashes by 40% says NHTSA but the report is understudied

Tesla's self driving feature is reducing crashes

Autonomous cars are surely the future of this world, however, is it the recent future? We cannot really answer that. There are many technologies which prove themselves comprehensively while there are many companies which are failing while trying to implement such technologies. It might be hard for many companies to bring in technology that is not commercially viable. Even then, many of them are pushing the technology to the customers by cutting out some of the major things in it.

That said, the autopilot feature of Tesla is one of the best in business as of now. There are literally no companies that have been able to match the technology the American company has been able to develop. There have been criticisms which were caused when two people were killed because of its autopilot feature. There is still a huge controversy going on as to if the governing bodies in America should allow the feature to stay in cars or no. There are committees doing surveys and studies on the people using this feature while there are people against it.

In that case, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration studied and submitted a report based on 2017 studies. The report said that since old cars were installed with the autopilot technology developed by Tesla, the crashes have been reduced by a staggering 40% in the states. However, there were many other reports suggesting that the study published by NHTSA was underwhelming and understudied.

Quality Control System, another organization, restudied the data on which NHTSA have arrived at that number. However, the former said that the data is incomplete and the 40% reduction conclusion is not at all true. There has been a suit filed for the same. There are multiple crash reports also. The information used by the NHTSA is not at all complete and the data they studied and the methods used were also not up to date.

That said, such reports could be misguided and misused as the technology is very dangerous if not used properly. No matter how safe the care is it is after all the machine. Letting it drive itself is something one should not completely trust on as of now. The current technology should be researched and developed completely before it is ousted to the consumers.

The impatience shown by the companies can harm and take many lives. There has to be a safety guide and a pilot in place for an autopilot to completely function. Tesla has done a wonderful job but the trust of the consumers is to be gained by giving out solid technology rather than misguided numbers.

The suit might lead to a huge discovery which might harm the technology altogether. It is really important for people to know the real things going on behind the doors so that trust can be gained. That said, the timing of a technology that is to be developed cannot be changed as it should be brought to the consumers when the consumers are ready coupled with the readied technology.

-Unmesh Phule

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