Tesla Geared Up For India but Is India Ready For Tesla?

Tesla and Musk to focus on SpaceX

Tesla is a company which has created its own fan base all around the world. There is a major effort from people from all around the world to make this earth greener and cleaner. The pollution because of the vehicles is just on the rise. The Air Quality Index is poking us every month and there is a need for us to approach a greener life. This world is deteriorating by the second. And people need to worry about it more and more.

Tesla is one such company which has cars that allow us to make this world a better place. The product Tesla offers is of high quality and the usage helps our planet in many ways possible. That is the reason the company has so many followers. However, to have a Tesla in your country there needs to be a certain infrastructure in place and that is the reason Tesla is not everywhere around the world. The roads, the charging stations, the maintenance facilities and everything else needs to be in place for such a company to perform well in a country.

Tesla and India, the right combination?

India is a country which can be a market for everything at the moment. It is a goldmine for business enthusiasts as market studies bring good numbers for almost every business. The only thing is that India is a diverse market and the regions targeted should be understood first and only then should be entered. Given that the infrastructure for the Electric Vehicles, which Tesla specializes in, is nowhere to be seen, coming in India at this moment doesn’t seem to be the right answer.

Tesla, however, is looking at India like any other company does, with glittery eyes. The Indian market seems to be the biggest in the world and there is no doubt that it is. Although the picture is not as pretty as it looks for Electric Vehicles the reason for this is that the people are not ready for the technology yet and the technology that is used in India is expensive as certain things are not manufactured in India, which is crucial for EVs.

It would look like a good move for Tesla to enter the Indian market but they will be too early. That being said, the country is looking towards greener days in the future as the government is trying hard to bring out the resources and make the people of India aware of the situation. Given that India is home to 14 of the 22 most polluted cities in the world, approaching the EV market is very important.

Ashok Leyland ready to welcome Tesla

Ashok Leyland is a company which is mostly in the trucking business in India. The company is known for producing trucks which are sturdy and strong. However, the company is very much interested in welcoming Tesla in partnership with them. Venkatesh Natarajan, senior vice president, and chief digital officer of Ashok Leyland said that he would accept Elon Musk’s offer. However, the circumstances have to be taken care of.

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