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TCL’s new TV technology can hear your voice commands clearly even in noisy rooms

TCL is a Chinese technology major. They are one of the global leaders in television technology. Their TV market stretch from the Western world to the East. The company is known for constant innovations in the television technology and bringing the latest technology to the consumers at a reasonable price. It has been noticed that the western world’s TV market was dominated by the South Korean giants Samsung and LG and Japanese giant Sony. However, in the past few years, the upcoming Chinese tech majors are gradually capturing newer markets.

TCL considers the continent of Europe as one of its new markets where the scope of growth is immense as not many Chinese companies are present there as of yet. They are focusing on the European markets and are leading the race to become the fastest growing technology players in Europe.

IFA is one of the greatest tech events on this planet and the 2018 version was held in Berlin, Germany. TCL found this to be the best opportunity to showcase its products in the event as it can use the event to reach out to the maximum number of people in Europe within the span of less than a week.

They launched their new technology in the IFA held in Berlin in 2018. TCL launched Synaptics’ Audio Smart Far Field Voice (FFV) for TCL’s TVs. The technology takes voice control to new levels. TVs are getting smarter each day and with the help of new voice-control technology, the age-old fight for the remote has been eliminated.

The new TVs from TCL will be having the voice-assistant Alexa built-in. Alexa is a smart voice assistant developed by the American technology giant Amazon. The inclusion of Alexa makes these TVs not only smart but extremely convenient too. While numerous companies such as Apple, Google, Microsoft and Samsung have their own voice assistants, Amazon’s Alexa has been one of the most popular and installed on over 20,000 devices already.

Now, connecting with the internet, changing the channels, increasing or decreasing volumes, getting the latest or breaking news, etc. will be just a command away. The users can just converse with their TVs as if they are a new member of the family.

However, just putting a voice assistant or voice recognition technology will not work everywhere. There have been numerous TVs with the voice recognition technology but the ambient noise present in the rooms around the TV hinders the performance. If the users speak something to the TV and there are other people talking nearby, then the TV could not segregate the command from the talking and hence could not perform the task. Now with the pioneering FFV technology from TCL, eliminating the ambient noise will be easy. TVs with FFV technology can receive the users’ voice clearly without any disruption in the due process and hence upgrading the performance significantly. This way, there is no lag in the command and action between the users and the TVs.

-Soumya De

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