TCL’s Foray into the Sound Industry at IFA

TCL bet big on IFA 2019, introducing an incredible new Dolby Atmos soundbar and a trio of new headphones (two true wireless models, and a pair of over-ear cans with noise-cancelling). Equipped with Ray Danz system, the TCL TS9030 was showcased at IFA 2019, and it comes with all the features you could ever need from a soundbar, including Bluetooth, Dolby Atmos, and HDMI ARC. Ray Danz is a new audio dispersion method that promises an immersive, ultra-wide sound stage, utilizing a host of reflectors to project sound around the room, and Dolby Atmos to tie it all together.

It packs a Dolby Atmos for infusing supported content with added depth on both the horizontal and vertical planes and HDMI ARC for simplifying cable connections. Using two side-firing speakers and an array of reflectors, Ray-Danz bends sound to fill the room, with a third, front-firing speaker delivering accurate voice positioning. The result is a larger sweet spot (that’s the area you need to sit in to be immersed in the action) that can span multiple people. Measuring in at a colossal 41.3 inches, the TCL TS9030 is far from nimble or compact. TCL says it’s best when paired with at least a 55-inch television

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