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TCL TV Your Best Bet For Coming Festive Season

TCL India

Indian festive season is on its way and it brings a months’ long spell of shopping for Indians with it. In order to make the most of this opportunity, almost all the consumer product companies come out with heavy discounts and attractive offers for the customers,  Particularly in the Home Appliance segment. Today we are focusing on one such popular home appliance, Television.

We are often picky while choosing television and rightly so. Television is a flagship home appliance of most households. It adds gravity to your living room. Picture and sound quality, easy and convenient interface, looks and design and value for money are some criteria a television is ideally tested upon.

However, what makes it tougher for you is when you enter a showroom and are suddenly barraged with tens of television in front of you as a display unit and at that point pretty much every TV looks the same, adding to your misery.

TCL, a Chinese multinational brand has seemed to make the choice easier for you.

TCL has been around for quite as long as some of the players in the TV market,  and in recent years has grown to one of the larger TV manufacturers in the world. We’ve seen competing stats putting TCL at either second or third place, based on the number of TVs shipped globally, giving a stiff competition to established brands and definitely destined to in the big leagues.

Excellent picture and audio quality, wide range such as Smart TV, 4K TV, UHD TV and Q LED TV, at a pocket-friendly cost gives it an edge.

While its biggest audience is unsurprisingly in its homeland of China, TCL now is growing quietly yet exponentially in the Indian market. Its recent collaboration with popular IPL franchise Delhi Capitals has added to its popularity.

TCL’s main advantage in the TV market is its aggressive pricing. It manufactures televisions at a large scale and has passed on a lot of those savings to consumers in a bid to win over consumers in the budget-conscious Indian market. If you’re looking for a cheap television that offers a lot for the price, TCL will be the best bet, not just in a 32-inch TV segment but the high-end 75-inch TV segment as well.

China-based consumer electronics firm aims to be among the top-four television brands in India.

“Driven to make life intelligent through our product ranges, we are going to launch a range of innovative and affordable home appliances for our Indian consumers. At TCL, it has been our endeavor to follow an India-first approach “ Mr. Mike Chen, TCL India Head.

TCL provides a wide range of products to customers. TCL 6 series (2018 Roku TV), TCL S425 series, TCL 325 series (2019 Roku TV) are some of its premium and most liked products. Soon to be released TCL 55-inch P8E LED TV is pitched as the game changer and would offer enticing choice TV buyers coming the festive season.

The TCL S425 series is one of the least expensive smart TVs you can buy.

The affordable TCL 6 series has excellent overall image quality, with deep black levels, very good brightness, rich contrast and accurate color. Its Roku smart TV platform is the best available, with a simple interface and extensive streaming app support. The TV handles both HDR10 and Dolby Vision high dynamic range sources. With superb picture quality that rivals TVs costing twice as much, TCL’s 6 series is the best TV when it comes to value-for-money.

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