TCL, the TV major is venturing into the Smartphone market with foldable devices

TCL showroom with Neymar cutout

TCL is a popular Chinese television-manufacturing brand. It is known for its sharp display but affordable prices. It is one of the largest TV sellers in China. It has been expanding its market globally as well. The neighbouring country, India, is a growing technology market and offers huge market opportunities. Interviews taken by MTRF suggests that the leading electronics retail stores such as Tata’s Croma and Reliance Digital sell huge numbers of TCL TVs. It comes at 5th rank after Sony, Samsung, LG and Panasonic.

Barcelona hosts the world’s largest mobile phone technology summit called the Mobile World Congress or MWC. This summit brings together the latest technology and developments from all over the globe in the field of mobiles. According to the Verge’s news report, TCL might reveal their smartphone in this year’s MWC but its launch data will not come before 2020.

TCL is an expert in the field of display technologies. Smartphones’ one of the major part is its touch display which the Chinese brand can manufacture very well. However, it is not the only part and the parts such as the processor, camera and batteries need to be good too if they want to succeed. Having said that, they do not need to design and manufacture the parts themselves as they can always collaborate with the experts of the various fields.

Qualcomm is one of the leaders of the smartphone processor market and TCL can collaborate with them. Likewise, Samsung and Sony are the leaders of the smartphone camera sensors and TCL can collaborate with them as well.

The success of the brand as a smartphone maker depends upon the strategy that they want to adopt and their target. If they want to be a serious and long-term player in the market, then they certainly need the collaborations in order to succeed. However, the Chinese technology sector has improved day and night in the past 2 decades especially in the smartphone market. TCL can learn from the local players who in the past have performed well and developed their manufacturing prowess as well.

TCL is the owner of Blackberry and Alcatel smartphone brands, which gives them knowledgeable resources and expert personnel for manufacturing smartphones. The company is developing foldable smartphones. As per reports, they will be launching around 7 models and one of them is a hybrid device. There will be 2 foldable smartphones, 2 tablets, and 1 foldable hybrid smart watch cum smartphone. This hybrid device is capable of folding from a smartphone into a smartwatch.

TCL is not the first company designing a foldable device. Lenovo was the first ever company who thought of doing something like this. Moreover, Samsung and Huawei are also working on similar models and will launch soon.

-Soumya De

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