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TCL Smartphone Design With Slide-Out Display Panel Leaked

TCL is reportedly working on a new kind of smartphone display that could change the foldable smartphone industry. Renders of a TCL smartphone with slide-out design have been leaked online revealing a new design language for the smartphone industry.

According to CNET, which published leaked images of the new TCL device, the phone has a second display that can be pulled out from under the first, similar to an extendable dining table. It’s not clear how the screen achieves an even surface when extended, as the images show.

CNET says TCL initially planned to show the phone to reporters at MWC, which is now canceled due to the coronavirus outbreak. We asked TCL about its plans for the device and how it works, but we haven’t received a response. A previous foldable prototype that TCL showcased last year — dubbed the DragonHinge — hasn’t been made available to consumers.

Foldables are no longer a new or novel concept in the smartphone world. Samsung, Huawei, and Motorola have shown the early designs possible with the form factor. The biggest advantage of a foldable smartphone is the compact design that transforms into a bigger display.

Regardless of how far away the device may be from release, the images suggest that phone manufacturers aren’t done experimenting with new form-factors. Whether it’s tablet-sized devices that fold down to become the size of a smartphone.

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