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TCL Showcases its Innovative Technology at IFA Germany


The annual IFA (Internationale Funkausstellung) exhibition is a place for the ultimate showdown between tech companies around the world. Likewise, TCL, a home appliance giant had its share of attention. In its ninth trip to the IFA, TCL showcased its terminal product matrix and technological innovative strength. Li Dongsheng, founder, and chairman of TCL said: “the most important driving force for the growth of Chinese companies is the ability to innovate in technology”. This time, TCL’s paraphernalia was on the money.

In the IFA exhibition, TCL had an exhibition area of ​​2,112 square meters, which is one of the largest exhibition areas in China. TCL exhibited products such as TV, ice water washing machine, air conditioning, mobile phones, audio, etc.  Along with covering the cutting-edge content of strategic technology development in five areas: artificial intelligence, 5G communication, new semiconductor display, intelligent manufacturing, and industrial internet. It was a comprehensive display of the overall strength of the TCL Group. Among them, the marquee technology was none other than TV and mobile phones.

The trend of large-screen display in the home appliance market has had consumers demanding High-Definition large-screen TVs, and 8K is the highest resolution that can be recognized by the human eye at present, which can bring the ultimate viewing experience. TCL 8K QLED TV X10 adopts the leading technology of 8K. The QLED display uses quantum dot nano-display technology to achieve 157% ultra-high colour gamut and 1.07 billion colour rendering. Mini LED micron level control system for higher contrast and rich picture detail. TCL 8K QLED TV X10 also has built-in Dolby + DTS dual professional audio decoding engine, video support HDR10 and Dolby Vision HDR supports Dolby VISION. Along with ATMOS, which is the industry’s high-end audio and video technology.

For TCL, the driving force of technology is not just the outstanding performance of individual products. TCL has always pre-empted the development of the industry with the attitude of an industry leader. TCL 8K QLED TV X10 has a full 8K solution for 8K screen, chip, interface, algorithm, and this TV is the first home version of 8K private cinema in China with IMAX. It can provide users with the world’s best audio and video content and services. The reason why TCL is ahead of the trend is not just the 8K technology itself, but the overall layout of the 8K industry chain.

TCL’s traditional advantages in display technology are second to none. In its mobile phone segment, the company for the first time has integrated its leading display technology into the TCL brand’s smartphone product line. The TCL PLEX is equipped with a 6.53-inch FHD + TCL notch display and is equipped with a stand-alone display engine. With the exclusive TCL NXTVISION technology, you can achieve better screen display and video recording performance. With this technology, users can get a rich and more detailed color, sharpness and contrast enhancement, and better shooting experience in real-time.

TCL Industrial CEO Wang Cheng said in an interview with the media at the IFA exhibition 2019 that TCL PLEX is only the beginning. The first 5G mobile phone is already under development. It will be available in Europe in the first half of next year and will be launched in early 2020. Moreover, a 5G folding screen mobile phone is also in line. TCL is also rapidly working on creating a 5G home ecosystem, which would include ultra-high-definition video calls, big-screen video calls, video displays and so on. The company also showcased the potential of converging 5G, AR and VR technology, such as the concept of display enhancement.

It can be said that TCL is on its way to becoming the world’s leading smart technology companies. This year is the 38th year of TCL’s growth. TCL’s PCT patents and invention patents are rising every year. The number of TCL patent applications and the number of patent grants granted over the past five years has significantly risen as compared to the previous 30 years. Over the years, TCL has invested more than 4% of its revenues in research and development and has 28 R&D centres, more than 12,000 R&D technicians and 4 national R&D platforms.

“This also reflects the growth of Chinese companies in general. The most important driving force for the growth of Chinese enterprises is the ability to innovate in technology.” Li Dongsheng said that Chinese companies must have a greater say in the future global industrial structure. The key to stronger competitiveness is to continue to improve its capabilities. Especially the ability to develop and innovate. Nowadays, in most of the competition in the industrial field, technology is the main driving force. If you want to excel in this market and surpass your competition, the most important thing is the superiority in the technological field.

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