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TCL reach Andhra Pradesh with their manufacturing plant, Reliance Jio to build an electronics park in Andhra as well

Andhra Pradesh has turned out to be the hub for all things technology. There are a lot of investments happening in Andhra Pradesh from all over the world and people are looking to get into the state to set up their manufacturing plants and experience stores. Companies like Microsoft, Apple and even newer companies like OnePlus have a setup in Andhra.

Andhra Pradesh currently manufactures 30% of the smartphones manufactured in India. It is leading the pack by a huge margin. Also, Foxconn, itself employees more than 15000 women in Andhra Pradesh. That is some stat and feat to achieve. That said, there is another tech giant interested in opening up its manufacturing plant in Andhra Pradesh.

TCL, the Chinese TV making company has locked a deal with the Andhra government to help raise itself a humongous manufacturing plant in the southern part of India. Tirupati is the city where TCL will set up its plant with an investment of INR 2200 crores. This is going to be the world’s third largest manufacturing plant which is planned across 158 acres of land.

The plant is going to produce TV and smartphone screens. It has the capacity of manufacturing eight million 22-inch and 55-inch screens per year. Along with this, the plant can manufacture, 3-inch and 8-inch screens as well, 30 million is the number of phones that they will manufacture per year. Their electronic sales in India have grown by 120% year-on-year. Their products are sold by 3000 outlets with 30 selling partners.

TCL is also going to create a staggering 8000 new jobs for people from in and around Andhra Pradesh. TCL entered the smartphone market as well. It recently acquired Blackberry to manufacture and distribute the devices all around the world. This manufacturing plant is supposed to start functioning from the end of 2019 and the construction has already begun.

However, TCL is not the only company interested in Andhra and Tirupati. Asia’s richest man, Mukesh Ambani is all set to feature in Andhra Pradesh. Ambani and Reliance Jio is anything but bettering what TCL is doing and offering Andhra. It is believed that the new plant of Reliance Jio will be spread across 150 acres and create a mind-boggling 20000 jobs for the Indians. Apart from this, the investment is around seven times more than that of TCL. Ambani is going to spend INR 15000 crore to build this plant and it will be known as the Jio Electronics Park.

Andhra Pradesh always emerges to be the favorites for the tech companies. There is a reason behind that, the government of the state empowers and inspires these companies towards Andhra Pradesh. It works in tandem with them and helps them with all the things they need. To put it in a nutshell, Andhra government is a cooperative government and is looking towards the betterment of the state and in turn of the nation as well.

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