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TCL Launches New Series of TVs with Quantum Dot Pro Technology

At 2020 Spring Product Launch, TCL Electronics unveiled 13 new TVs. The new TVs are categorized in 3 series, including the “C8 Zhizhen QLED TV”, “P9 Hollywood Theater TV” and the “V8 full scene AI TV” equipped with enhanced sound and picture technologies and new Artificial Intelligence (AI) functions.

At the event, the Chinese company announced its definition of “Smart technologies” by pursuing a two-pronged approach of “products + technologies” as well as the interconnection between smart products.

The “C8 Zhizhen QLED TV” is equipped with TCL’s quantum dot Pro 2020 technology. Quantum dot nanoscale light-emitting materials can display pure colors and improve the color gamut for TVs. TCL said its self-developed Q image quality engine technology provides in-depth optimizations in terms of brightness, colors, and sharpness. Thus, presenting perfect picture qualities.

The “P9 Hollywood Theater TV” is positioned as a large-screen home theater with impressive sound effects. The P9 is equipped with Onkyo Hi-Fi audio and passed the examination from professional tuners of GoldenEar.

The “V8 full scene AI TV” series offer: (1) hands-free AI interaction; (2) face/voice recognition for identifying different users and making personalized recommendations; (3) the AIPQ Engine for better sound and picture effects, which can identify and optimize 8 types of scenario and 9 kinds of content; (4) the large screen can be used to control the entire Smart appliances. These three series are each priced at an affordable level, offering mass consumers premium picture and sound qualities and full-scenario AI TV from TCL Electronics.

Headquartered in China, TCL Electronics Holdings Limited is one of the leading companies in the global TV industry engaging in the research and development, manufacturing and sales of consumer electronics products. Adopting a new business model oriented towards products and users and strategically focusing on “smart technologies + Internet” and “products + services”

As a leader of the quantum dot TV company, TCL established a world-class electroluminescent quantum dot lab. It also has a picture and audio quality teams with over 1,000 experts and 11 research institutes around the world. Moreover, it has engaged in the formulation of over 50 picture quality standards of national, industry and associations; and it has applied for over 700 patents about quantum dot technology, ranking No.2 worldwide. In 2019, the sales volume of TCL QLED TVs grew by 66% year-on-year.

It is believed that the penetration rate of quantum dot products will increase as the technology is transplanted from the high-end X series products to the C series products for the first time. The Company has five experts of GoldenEar working in six listening labs for different sound sources and two fully anechoic labs to ensure the perfect sound qualities of its TVs.

Kevin Wang, CEO of TCL Electronics, said, “Ensuring convenient and healthy life by smart technology is the most important issue. As 5G develops, we will pay more effort on the application of AI x IoT strategy in all product categories. To meet with consumers’ needs, we have to come up with Smart products with outstanding core functions and interconnection. In 2020, we are dedicated to providing users with smart and healthy living products and services on AI x IoT business.”

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