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TCL India launched Its Full Range Of Home Appliances In India And It Stirs The Industry

The Indian media is taken aback by TCL’s extravagance.

On April 25th, at Taj Palace, New Delhi, India, TCL’s home appliance range made its debut in India.

TCL bid farewell to the history of only one colour TV series in India. It introduced its latest series of smart and innovative household appliances, such as AC, washing machine, refrigerator, sound bar, 85 inches 4K Android TV 85P8M and C6-UHD Android TV by Artificial Intelligence-powered products to serve the Indian consumers.

This is the first step of TCL India in order to achieve smart lifestyle and follow India’s substance.

As a leader in television and home entertainment, TCL is expected to further strengthen its position in India by introducing cutting-edge appliances.

“India’s home appliance industry competition will be further intensified. The growth rate of TCL colour TV has been very fast in the past two years. After the launch of the whole category, it will have a huge impact on white electronics. The speed of launching the whole category in TCL in India is somewhat beyond imagination, and the overall industry in the future may There is a fight, but TCL should be prepared. The competition in the Indian appliance industry has just begun.”

At the press conference, an Indian technology media told Blue Technology how it feels.

[BlueTechnology – TCL Group COO Du Juan)
TCL India’s eye-catching all-category expansion plan

Since 2016, TCL has been eye-catching in India. Its growth rate is better than the average industry growth.

Taking 2018 as an example, TCL India TV grew by 375% year-on-year. Among them, the sales structure is much higher than the industry average, with sales above 48 inches accounting for 22%, smart accounting for 63%, and 4K accounting for 25%.

“TCL promotes the development of the local market in India with all categories. On the one hand, we hope to serve local users with better products; on the other hand, we must provide localized products. TCL not only meets the needs of users but more importantly. It is to create demand for them.” TCL Group COO Du Juan said in an interview with Blue Technology.

In fact, TCL is not new to India, but this is a sudden expansion of massive scale. When they entered India ten years ago, TCL did not attract the attention of the Indian market, and their voices were weak. However, after entering India twice, it is completely different. TCL’s flagship product, the colour TV, has attracted widespread attention in the Indian market.

The difference from the first entry into the Indian market is that TCL India has adjusted its strategy to use quality, new products and new technologies as an offensive weapon rather than using low prices.

This move is somewhat risky. The Indian household appliance industry is growing steadily with the increase in household income, and the home appliance industry is beginning to enter the initial stage of the outbreak.

Another large group of low-income consumers are price-sensitive. Their appeal is to satisfy the basic use function, the first purchase factor is the price.

This part of the group is not a potential user of TCL. Therefore, when TCL used high-end colour TVs in recent years to influence more elites and began accepting TCL, Samsung, Sony and LG began to pay attention to TCL.

Is the neglect of the opponent giving TCL India the opportunity to grow, or are TCL’s own technology upgrade and quality sensation invention affecting consumers?

Perhaps the factors between the two exist. But the latter actually shows the hard power of TCL.

[BlueTechnology – Wu Jiyu, General Manager of Overseas Marketing Division, TCL Holdings Intelligent Terminal Business Group)
TCL India is ambitious. Although they started in colour TV in India, they are not limited to colour TVs.

Now, TCL, which has received strong attention, has begun its expansion plan in India. In order to win the “heart” of the country, TCL India recently announced its partnership with the Indian Premier League (IPL) Delhi Capital as a sponsor.

In addition, in December last year, TCL opened a panel factory in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh, the first manufacturing sector outside of China.

TCL India Industrial Park is its first overseas-integrated industrial park. In addition to providing competitive and cost-effective products to the Indian market, it has created more than 8,000 jobs, which has boosted the economic development of the Tirupati region.

“The establishment of TCL India Industrial Park is self-evident for the launch of TCL’s full category in India. TCL currently has an advantage in terms of reputation, users, products and channels in India. This conference is the first time to show TCL to the Indian market. The whole category, we send a clear signal to the outside world, TCL all categories will be launched in India. We do not fight the price war, but use quality, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, which is also the Indian market expectations for TCL”. Wu Jiyu, general manager of the overseas marketing division of TCL Holdings’ intelligent terminal business group, said in an interview with Blue Technology.

TCL India is attacking the pathways of the Indian market with all categories. After a few years of exploration and paving, TCL TV has opened up offline channels, and brand awareness has rapidly increased, which provides a huge advantage for TCL’s entire category.

TCL India Country Manager Mike Chen said in a statement, “India is increasingly home to technology and digital users, and they are placing higher demands on the products they use. In order to achieve intelligent life through our product range. We will introduce a range of innovative and reasonably priced home appliances for Indian consumers. We have always been committed to following India’s first approach, which is reflected in our branding strategy or the launch of our first factory in India. To be sure, TCL’s latest product line will resonate with the mature sensitivity of Indian users, providing them with smart home devices that easily integrate the latest advances in artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and more.

[BlueTechnology – Chen Shikai, General Manager of TCL Branch, India)
TCL India launches user methodology and takes the first step to success

Blue Technology has penetrated different channels in the Indian market several times, trying to discover the growth secrets of TCL.

In fact, TCL’s first step of success in India is based on several reasons:

First, the customer is supreme. TCL has introduced industry-leading innovations through a focus on customer focus. Instead of relying on buzzwords, TCL studies market needs and innovates to provide cutting-edge technology that everyday users can easily adapt.

Second, the ability to realize the business is strong. The user information obtained and inspected by TCL India will not stay on the surface, but will quickly come to fruition.

Thanks to a deep understanding of Indian consumers through India’s pioneering approach, TCL has integrated Google Assist with AI in its product line. As part of its latest initiative, TCL will package its competitive edge in key areas such as OLED printing technology, quantum dot display materials and technologies, and AI and IoT in the home appliance sector to make India’s daily life smarter.

Third, the advantages of the Internet of Things are obvious. Although TCL’s entry time in the Indian market is not too early, it has a late-comer advantage in the artificial intelligence and IoT industries.

Shortly after the launch of the above-mentioned integrated AI Google-assisted product in India, TCL became one of the leading companies in the Indian market.

According to the Indian Economic Times, TCL ranked fifth in the Indian market in terms of TV sales in 2018. With its enviable product line and leveraging industry-leading artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, TCL is clearly becoming a favourite among consumers of all types, such as home entertainment.

In addition, in the near future, TCL will launch innovative home appliances to further solidify TCL’s position as an Indian consumer home brand.

“TCL is doing accumulation and precipitation in India. Branding is a slow activity and requires intensive cultivation, rather than expanding the scale with low prices. That way is not good for the formation of high-end brands. The demand for artificial intelligence in the Indian elite is Increasing, the awareness of brand, quality and technology is getting higher and higher. This is obviously a good thing for TCL’s flagship quality and technology in India. TCL’s all-category expansion, we have made everything ready.” India Chen Shikai, general manager of TCL Branch, said in an interview with Blue Technology.

[Blue Technology] Zhou Han


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