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TCL iFFalcon TVs to Take on Xiaomi in India


The Indian TV market is one of the largest in the world and is growing. TCL has been making many efforts in order to make its mark in this huge and growing market. It has launched a sub-brand called iFFalcon to compete with the likes of Xiaomi and Thompson, especially in the online marketplace.

TCL is one of the reputed Chinese brands that has captured a significant portion of the Indian market. However, their customers are especially the new purchasers and not traditional consumers. When it comes to the households who have had TVs for the past 2 decades, the primary choice is seldom TCL. Even when the price is often more than the new Chinese brands, the traditional consumers tend to go for the brands such as Sony, Samsung, LG and Panasonic due to the brands’ long presence in the market, trustworthiness and supreme after-sales service.

TCL too has been present in the Indian market for over a decade now, however, it has an image of a being a newer brand as compared to the above-mentioned players. A large portion of TCL’s consumer base in India is the new-age consumers who have started believing in the online marketplace as well as the Chinese brands in consumer electronics.

The latest offering from TCL is its iFFalcon K31 4K Smart Android TV. There are quite a few highlights of the TV but the one that stands out among the rest is the price of the TV that starts at just ₹25,999. A company offering a 4K Android smart TV at this price range is unprecedented. Moreover, the brand has achieved significant fan following in the country and this offering would only take the fan following further from here.

Indian consumers are known to be some of the most price-sensitive in the world and the one thing that matters the most to the consumers is the value for money any product has. TCL is one such brand that has focuse3d on offering a great value for money. Who else is known for its value for money? The answer is Xiaomi.

Xiaomi is the fastest-growing TV brand in the country thanks to its massive sales through the online platforms. The online Mi store is the third-largest e-commerce platform after the giants Flipkart and Amazon in India. The growth of the company has been phenomenal, riding on the success of its affordable smartphone lineup. The company has entered the TV business a couple of years ago and the response it has received is amazing. Interestingly enough, the Xiaomi TVs’ display panels are manufactured by none other than TCL.

TCL, as a company started off by manufacturing TV display panels for global brands. Later, however, they decided to enter the market themselves as it already had the necessary expertise in the display panel manufacturing sector. Now, that TCL is present in the Indian market for over a decade now but it has been still beaten by the new brand Xiaomi. This compelled TCL to launch its online specific brand that would take on the likes of Xiaomi, Thompson and other newer TV brands that focus on the online marketplace. Moreover, being active on the online market place help the brands reach out to a wider consumer base that resides in tier 3, tier 4 cities and the rural areas as well.

The iFFalcon K31 4K TV series is available in 3 size options – 43-inches ₹25,999, 50-inches ₹30,999 and 55-inches ₹35,999. All of the TVs in the range are 4K TVs, regardless of the size of the screen. All of these models support HDR content up to the HDR10 standard that enhances the viewing experience significantly. It makes the HD content on the OTT platforms such as Netflix, Hotsar, Amazon Prime etc. pop out and look premium.

Talking about the OTT platforms, the TV comes preinstalled with Chromecast for content casting. These Android TVs run on Android 9 Pie-based software making it open to the Playstore to download various content applications. Moreover, the TV comes equipped with an Amlogic AI chip that makes the device a smart one. It is also capable of accepting voice commands through the smart remote that is shipped with the TV within the box. This makes the whole package extremely attractive especially in the era of super-cheap but superfast internet all over the country.

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