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Tcl Electronics Plans To Grab The Global Market

TCL TV on display

Global marketing warfare, Global category warfare and Two-wheel drive warfare are three key battles of TCL’s globalization in 2019. Sustaining these three key battles, TCL has continued to improve in recent years, especially in 2018, it has become the runner-up of global colour TV sales, which is a milestone for TCL.
In the first quarter of 2019, TCL announced the triumph: LCD TV overseas sales increased by 50.9% compared to the last year with a sale of 5.95 million units, accounting for more than 70% of total sales globally. All regions achieved rapid growth. Among them, the North American market continued strong growth momentum, sales surged 112% compared to last year; according to an NPD market research report data, TCL TV, in the first quarter of the North American sales market ranked sixth in the sixth consecutive week, once climbed to the first.
The European market grew by 27.1% with respect to last year, with Germany, Italy and France growing significantly. Emerging markets grew by 39.9%, with markets such as Argentina, Ecuador, Indonesia and Australia being fast-growing regions.
In the field of consumer electronics, China’s TV and entertainment brands seem to have never been so fierce, the point of TCL breaking this routine is to rekindle the dream of China’s colour TV brand standing on top of the world.


TCL brings hope to others and to their own future

On April 15th, Salesman Dagmar was filled with a sense of accomplishment in a store in Quito, the capital of Ecuador. On the same day, he successfully sold two TCL TVs. Behind this small achievement, Dagmar saw TCL’s local opportunities.  Sales are not made with illusions. As a front-line salesperson, Dagmar experienced a lot of troubles to introduce TCL to consumers in the early days. Now consumers directly ask for TCL colour TV. This small change makes him feel the power of TCL like a seed., began to sprout in Ecuador.

At that time, he was not aware of the fact that TCL colour TV is global the winner in the performance in the first quarter. As a front-line employee, Dagmar still doesn’t know much about TCL’s global pace and strategy, but he knows the changes of TCL in the local area. He cherishes the opportunity that TCL brings to him. Dagmar is lucky. The economic slowdown in Ecuador and the decline in employment rates are the things that many people are worried about. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) predicts that due to the slowdown in economic growth, Ecuador’s unemployment rate will increase to 4.3% and 4.7% in 2019 and 2020, respectively. Dagmar thanked TCL for giving him such an opportunity. Of course, he believes that TCL will continue to grow locally. This is why he is more optimistic about his future. Especially when consumers start paying attention to and understand this brand, like the darkness before dawn, it indicates that TCL is about to usher in spring.

“Globalization of TCL is very important this year. We have to start three key battles. This year is like building roads and paving bridges, laying the foundation for the next year and future strategies. There is no shortcut to the globalization of TCL. In the process of rapid development, we cannot be misplaced, this puts higher demands on the team. Collaborative operations, insight, interaction with consumers, etc., this is what the TCL internationalization team is repeating every day.” TCL Holdings’ Intelligent Terminal Business Group (Overseas) Marketing Headquarters General Manager Wu Jiyu said in an interview with Blue Technology.

The three key battles which Wu Jiyu’s referred are global marketing warfare, global category warfare, and two-wheel drive warfare. Blue Technology interviewed Wu Jiyu several times. This introverted middle-aged man does not stop at the achievements he has achieved in the past. History needs to be remembered, but creating history requires tomorrow.

Therefore, he puts more energy in the present and the future. He hopes that consumers’ memories of TCL’s globalization are innovation and quality, not a recollection of history.

[BlueTechnology-TCL Vietnam]

The core and extension of the three key battles

It is not difficult to find out the three key battles of globalization proposed by Wu Jiyu. The core and extension are important keywords for TCL’s globalization in 2019.

Let me talk about the first battle of global marketing. Since the beginning of this year, the proportion of TCL’s global marketing has been increasing. The difference from previous marketing methods is that TCL is more systematic and comprehensive now. Especially in sports marketing and a variety of marketing, TCL emphasizes global collaborative operations. Different sports marketing is carried out according to different regional characteristics.

For example, in the United States from basketball marketing, in Europe, football is the sports marketing portal; in the United States, surfing, talk shows and other increasingly diverse cultural and sports activities, will play an important role in the region’s marketing map.

Globalized global category warfare is the second battle. Unlike the globalization of TCL TVs in the past, TCL globalization began in 2019. In addition to colour TVs, intelligent washing machine and other intelligent products will be fully targeted. This is the fission of the TCL core. Standing on the international stage in a full-class manner, for TCL, 2019 is both a key year and a foundation year. Need to open channels and do a good job in brand building this year.

The two-wheel drive warfare is the third largest battle for TCL globalization. The biggest difference between other two-wheel drive is that TCL’s two-wheel drive is the product + user. At the user level, TCL gains greater business prospects from user development and service by interacting with users.

Factors that cannot be ignored in the two-wheel drive warfare include localization. These include talent building and reserves, localization of production, localization of brands, etc. This series of localization features will have a crucial impact on TCL’s future strategic highland.

True globalization must be the ultimate localization. So far, TCL has entered the high-speed expansion period in the United States, India, Vietnam and other places, and is inseparable from the extreme localization.

[BlueTechnology – TCL USA]

The opponent’s “worry” and TCL’s “trend”

If you ask people around the home appliance circle, which brand is the best in the global colour TV industry in 2018, there is no doubt that TCL will top the list.

Excellent performance has also become the “worry” of the opponent. Because they need to defend against the globalization of TCL, that is, they must defend themselves. But they have a hard time preventing the “starting up” of TCL. At present, TCL, after the preliminary preparations, its global performance is obvious to all.

Taking the United States and India as examples, building a good customer relationship has become the cornerstone of TCL’s steady development in these two regions.

For example, TCL interacts with users in a variety of ways in the US and India. Received timely feedback from users on the e-commerce website and offline stores, and quickly implemented.

In India, by understanding consumers’ different evaluation indicators and experiences on products, services, experiences, sales, etc., and then improving the system. Collecting normal fragmentation information to gain insight into user needs and improve an integrated and efficient supply chain.

IT layout and digital transformation, talent localization and production localization, perfect supply chain, brand marketing globalization and coordinated operations, these performances are the most powerful proof that TCL’s globalization has started.

[Blue Technology] Li Qiang

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