TCL earphones

TCL, the company globally popular for manufacturing good quality and affordable TVs and display panels has entered the acoustics industry. In the 2019 CES, the company launched a wide variety of music-related products ranging from wired earphones to Bluetooth headphones and soundbars and speakers as well. The earphones are some of the most affordable options in the US. Moreover, they are being offered at around 50% discount on Amazon that makes them the best affordable options for anyone looking for a pair of entry-level earphones.

TCL SOCL Earphones Amazon US
TCL SOCL Earphones Amazon US

The original prices of the earphones were all below $15 making them a great value for money. However, Amazon listed the earphones at $9.99 and for the Amazon prime users, the delivery charges are exempted. You can use the promo code 50SOCL200 for the previous versions that can get you those models at an even lesser price. This price makes the TCL SOCL earphones extremely alluring options for most users ranging from office-goers to students.

As per the reviews online, the earphones perform extremely well beyond the users’ imagination. One should always keep in mind that the sound is not crystal clear like a $100 earphones but that is the point. It is not supposed to be too, right? Considering the price point, the earphones do a pretty good job. The highs and lows are well balanced (which most brands fail to maintain) and the bass is a little high that allows for the user to feel the thump in the music that is quite soothing.

The design of the earphones is in-ear earbud style. This is not only very comfortable for long usage but also provides significant noise-isolation. Since the earbuds fit in the users’ ears perfectly with the different sized silicone earbud covers provided in the box. The earphones come in 4 colour variants namely orange, purple, blue and black. The colours have a cool gradient to it where the colours kind of changes shade from just after the mic and it makes them look even more attractive.

Having talked about the mic, it must be noted that the earphones are equipped with a very capable and high-quality microphone and buttons for remotely controlling features such as music playback, sound and calls. The mic performed really well in the tests performed by some of the online review websites and Youtube channels that will prove to be a sigh of relief for the consumers.

These earphones were launched at the CES, Barcelona. The annual event is popular among consumer technology enthusiasts across the world as the companies in the sector go through a great deal to launch their new and innovative products in the event. TCL found the event to be intriguing enough to launch their full arsenal of sound systems, earphones and headphones. Although TCL is not a household name in the field of acoustics, they have a huge potential to grow quickly in the entry-level market.

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