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TCL at Fifth Place in India’s Offline Market

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Whether you admit it or not, and whether or not you agree with it, TCL has a good time in India. For Samsung, LG and Sony, their biggest competitor in 2019 is TCL, which can be proved in three aspects:

Growth rate – Blue Technology exclusively learned that in the Indian market, the proportion of TCL offline channels continued to rise, reaching 5.5% in July, ranking fifth in terms of stability, and only 0.8% in the fourth place.

It is worth noting that the top four brands have experienced a year-on-year and quarter-on-quarter decline in different degrees, but TCL continues to lead. In the medium and large size of 43 inches or more, the TCL line continues to rank in the top four of the TOP, accounting for 8.1% (GFK data). From January to July this year, TCL’s monthly growth was above double digits.

Change of channel providers – At present, in the Indian market, channels of large, medium and small scales have a strong willingness to cooperate with TCL. On the one hand, TCL’s three-year after-sales service has attracted many users, which is very tempting for the channel; on the other hand, it is a large-scale channel dealer who cooperates with TCL, has the guarantee of interest, and is low with some brands. The price impacts the market and reduces the interests of the channel providers. TCL allows the two parties to achieve a true win-win situation.

Speed of TCL’s own channels – The speed of TCL’s specialized stores is accelerating. Usually, a speciality store is a heavy asset. If there is not enough market capacity and sufficient confidence in the future, many companies are reluctant to open a speciality store.

TCL seems to be against the trend, mainly due to the rapid growth of TCL in the Indian market in recent years. Although the user base is not very large, TCL’s Indian users have a good feature. They are willing to share TCL’s experience with friends and family on social media or in life, which is a trust factor building by word of mouth. Consumers’ automatic communication is the biggest formation of trust for the TCL brand.

Of course, it is undeniable that there are obvious advantages in the Indian market, such as Korean Samsung and LG, and Japanese Sony and Panasonic. However, their biggest crisis is not necessarily that TCL has a broader user base in India, but TCL’s unstoppable growth rate when the market base is lower than them.

Usually, see how fast opponents can go and how far they can go in the future. The early measurement is not the market base and users, but the growth rate, brand mention rate, marketing path and model, consumption willingness, etc. in the first few years.

In the last three years, TCL has performed well in India because they have good reading and execution skills. A deeper understanding of the Indian market requires a grasp of the details such as Indians’ preference for brands, behavioural preferences for watching TV, etc. These quantitative indicators have a positive effect on the true understanding of India.

Chen Shikai, general manager of TCL India, said in an interview with Blue Technology that TCL is still a “small character” in India compared with its rivals, but TCL has the confidence and perseverance to let more Indian consumers know about TCL. As a big country brand, TCL’s craftsmanship is not only reflected in the technology and products, including the details of the marketing level, all of which are strictly required by the craftsman spirit, so that Indian consumers can feel the brand connotation and cultural essence of TCL.

[Blue Technology] Li Qiang

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