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TCL 4K Smart TV Enters India: The Experience Stimulates the Desire to Buy


In the TV industry, 4K is not far from the Indian market. Although the popularity of 4K in India is not very high at the moment mainly due to the high price, it cannot stop the high-income consumers’ enthusiasm for 4K content consumption.

Now, the Indian high-income consumers have set their sights on 4K AI-powered TVs. This is the consensus reached by the upper class and the normal state of their spending power and lifestyle. TCL, the global TV giant and its 4K Smart TV currently launched in India are widely acclaimed.

It is reported that TCL’s new generation of 4K smart TV launched in India, fully utilizing AI technology, can make consumers fully aware of the speed and convenience brought by AI. This AI TV has four distinctive features namely AI Image Quality Optimization, AI Sound Quality Optimization, AI Voice Interaction and AI Smart Home Control.

Smart homes are rising in China and are so is in the Indian market too. It is only after many experiences, the smart home appliances and smart electronics’ consumption will experience high sales in India.

For example, TCL’s 55-inch P8E 4K AI Android 9 TV has gained a lot of praise on the Amazon platform since it was launched in India. The TV uses voice search technology and is the first 4K AI TV in India with the Android 9 Pie version preinstalled.

TCL is also favoured by the Indian high-income consumers. The smart 4K TVs can be considered as the prime demand of these Indian families. Through AI-powered smart TVs, you can control the entire smart home by simply operating the TV through voice, give commands to the switch of electric lights, control other smart home appliances and truly experience the next generation of smart life.

In terms of configuration, the TCL P8E 4K AI TV uses a quad-core CPU, a three-core 600-800 MHz GPU, 2GB DDR3 RAM and 16GB of storage. Connection options are available via HDMI 2.0, USB 2.0, WIFI 2.4G and Bluetooth. In terms of display technology, it uses a 55-inch LED display with a resolution of 3860 x 2160 pixels and a refresh rate of 60 Hz. The display has HDR 10+ support and can achieve AI dynamic image adjustment, AI scene image enhancement and brightness control through AI image quality technology.

Chen Shikai, national manager of TCL India, said that 4K is the future trend of the Indian market, which has obvious signs in the high-income groups. TCL’s marketing strategy is to go hand in hand in four ways: consumer electronics stores, speciality stores, integrated stores and online sales. Especially in the online scene experience, he hopes that through the touch and feel experience, Indian consumers will feel the change of their lifestyle with 4K smart TV. From the current point of view, the sales conversion rate after the touch and feel experience of the offline stores are very high, which indicates the recognition of the consumer-focused TCL 4K Smart TVs.

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