TATA’s presence in Odisha

Odisha is a beautiful but economically backward state in East India. It is constantly hit by natural calamities such as cyclones and floods. The state lies in a cyclone-prone region on the coast of Bay of Bengal. Along with the natural calamities, this state is also plagued with Naxalism. Since the state lacked employment opportunities, a significant amount of the rural population was pulled in the anti-government movements.

It should be noted that the state has come a long way since the days of austerity as they have developed their education system and attracted numerous companies to invest in the state for infrastructural development. The economy is also thriving and as a whole, the state is pulling itself out of misery and pain.

Tata Group is one of the largest conglomerates in India. This global enterprise owns over 100 subsidiaries, operates in over 100 countries and is over 100 years old. TATA has been involved in the state for a century now and claims that the government is stable along with a proactive bureaucracy. This provides for the ideal conditions for any company to make huge investments.

TATA has already made INR 75,000 crore investments in the state over the years. Recently they also announced another INR 25,000 crore investments in the state. Tata Consultancy Services is the largest IT solutions provider in India and in Odisha it is the largest employer in the IT sector. The Internet is the ultimate solution to most of the problems of the modern world and so is the case for Odisha. The state is seeing massive changes in its economy, education and infrastructure. TATA’s involvement in the state is beneficial for the people, the government and the company itself.

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