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T-Series use its trump card to become the king of YouTube

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YouTube is a platform which is open to any person having the internet. It is a platform which gives a chance to the people who are thwarted because of unwanted reasons. There are many people who have done the same and become stars in a capacity. There are YouTube channels which try and urge the internet to subscribe and ‘hit the bell icon’. The views are what matters the most but getting a subscriber is like getting a guaranteed view.

There are few channels which earn the subscribers by working hard and then there are celebrities, TV channels, music companies who just don’t care about it but have a huge subscriber base. This is the reason YouTube can sometimes be unfair to some of the people. There is a similar situation which we are going to tackle today. There is a huge rat race towards who will win YouTube right now, would it be a Swedish Video Gamer/entertainer or an Indian multimillion-dollar Music Production Company.

The race is on from a long time and there were a lot of people vouching for PewDiePie and running campaigns for him. T-Series and PewDiePie have been fighting it out all day and night long and PewDiePie has had this crown of YouTube king for over five years now. His reign might be over as the difference between T-Series and PewDiePie subscribers has come down and now is less than 100,000. Things might change pretty quickly as T-Series might lose to a multimillion-dollar company.

T-Series is doing all it can to win the battle. It is using a card which all the Indians would answer to and that is nationalism and patriotism. There is a campaign running on the internet where hashtags such as “BharatWinsYouTube and celebrities asking people to subscribe to T-Series is working in the favor of the company. It was not long ago when T-Series had come out and said it doesn’t care about the battle with PewDiePie.

There are A-list actors asking people to subscribe T-series on YouTube, the campaign is turning out to be successful as the numbers are rapidly increasing. That said, QYOU India’s General Manager said that YouTubers are stars in themselves and the millennial generation connects with them more than they connect with the stars of the movies.

He told Quartz, “YouTubers are celebrities in their own right, and many of them have a legitimate reach and a more engaged millennial and generation-Z fanbase than traditional A-list stars. If T-Series really wants to emerge victorious in this digital rivalry, then it needs to tap into the followers of its fellow Indian YouTubers who may still be unaware of them.”

It will be interesting to see how this thing goes for T-Series as PewDiePie will come out with an answer.

-Unmesh Phule

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